A Question and an ask for other scripters/other device users

Let me preface this with I’m not looking to start a fight, just open a dialog to hopefully improve the scripts we all want to enjoy. If you get to the end and just want to call names or insult me, please don’t. If on the other hand you want to help me understand why you think another way of scripting is fine or better, please do.

I have the Keon and when I script I go frame by frame and do 1 point at the top of a movement then another point at the bottom of a movement, back and forth till I’m done with varying depths as to match the video I’m scripting to, sometimes I can use the “repeat” button to minimizehow many frames I actually have to go through but I still make sure the action matches the stroke There are no “curves” in my scripts, just sharp peeks and valleys and I’ve seen similar in others scripts, it works well with the Keon and I get good reviews when I post.

Other scripts have curves with multiple points on any one directional stroke. The Keon stutters on these strokes, pausing for maybe a millisecond on the extra points, distracting me and lowering the immersion.

So my main question is do other devices have the ability to smooth the movement out?

Aside from that I’d like to make the (constructive)
criticism that the main places I’ve found the curves is on scripts is when people use the “on the fly” mode (I can tell as I open the script on the creator and that’s what gets selected instead of what I use) and I have issues with that mode not only because of the curves but because there will be a lag between what a scripter sees, when they start the movement and how far they make it so the scripts end up being out of sync with the action. I have adjusted the lag in my player only for the scripter having differing lag through out, probably during to fatigue or distractions.

I get that “OTF” is faster so what one guy can do in an hour would take me 3 thus more scripts for more videos for more people to enjoy. Yet I’ve seen descriptions where a scripter says they used OTF, aren’t happy with it, and maybe later would come back and fix it. Yet they never seem to.

So my ask is that other scripters take the time to make the best scripts they can instead of the most they can.

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I can not speak for ALL scripters, because i do not even know wether i tried scripts from all already. But for the major contributers here i can ABSOLUTELY say that none of them tries to make numbers OVER quality! i’ve got a several 100 scripts upt o know and the quality from scripters on this platform is the BEST of all of them!

I can get behind that sentiment - quality over quantity is the way to go, now that there are a lot of scripters around. That of course wasn’t always the case: When we started out about 4 years, I released several scripts per week to make sure there is enough content to keep the whole concept interesting for people.
Now? Now I sometimes take 2 months to work on a single 1h video.

But to be honest I won’t go back to my old scripts and rework them either - scripting doesn’t just require you to have the time, motivation is a huge factor too.

I don’t think obsessing over the same script until it is “perfect” is a healthy way to get better at it - I believe people that stick with scripting instead of just trying it once will get better with time.


Regarding the Keon, I can say that in my experience of trying it with interactive content (pornhub interactive because it was the only free one I found back then) that it stuttered a ton for me as well. To be honest, I was unable to use it at all with that kind of content. The only way I have been using it up until now is through manual control of the speeds. I’ll have to test if my simple amateur script (that only uses 0 and 100 with smooth movements) will work better with it to prevent that stuttering. I will update for sure once the bluetooth adapter arrives for my pc.

Handy is similar in the behaviour. A realy slow curve will work but a bit faster and you will notice Handy tries to get to every single point which results in stuttering. If you go even faster then you get the fear that Handy will explode any time soon. :scream:

Best is to avoid smooth curves on those toys until the firmware can deal with it. Peaks are just fine. What I personaly don’t like are peaks with breaks at the top or bottom as they feel mechanical and unnatural.

@handyAlexander already mentioned that it could be possible in Handy FW 3.x to add smoothing but time will tell if they can get it done in a way that we can create and use smooth scripts :slight_smile:

I’m not trying to say we have a ton of bad scripts, most I’ve tried are good-great. I guess my issue is I don’t have a vr headset so those are off the table for ma and I don’t care for CH/PMV as they tend to follow the beat and not the action.

Because of this I have been digging into creator and RTS archives, honestly that’s where most of the lower quality ones are but I have still seen a few recent ones that use OTF.

@Liquid I understand that early on quantity over quality may have been need to grow the user base and that’s probably where most of the lower quality ones came from but I’m glad you at least have switched to higher quality.

@yojirex Pornhub interactives SUCK and not in the way you want. The scripting MIGHT be ok but the lag between the site to phone to Keon ends up being off by as much as a full second with no way to correct it. When your bluetooth dongle comes in try my scripts, I made them with an eye for the Keon so they are very smooth for the most point.

Sounds like they need to program what are known in the CNC machining space as “look aheads”, it’s basically what it sounds like where instead of just reading the move it has to do right then it reads the next 3 moves (looking ahead in the program). The problem here is the sending device (your PC) would have to send those moves ahead to your product, not something inherently doable with BT.

They could allow you to load the full script to your product then the sending device would just sync the script to the video but that would require open memory on the product and the willingness of a manufacturer to intentionally allow open ended use and scripting instead of what most of us are doing with the end run around the protocols. Hard to do depending on how the contracts are setup with those that deliver media

When I started scripting I had Launch and because of that I used to make the scripts as simple as possible, I was even removing some strokes during faster action to match the script to the Launch capabilities. And while it was great at the time my Launch’s bluetooth died, I got a Handy and kinda regret that I didn’t script some parts of the videos like they appeared on the screen even if it would cause Launch to stutter.

While making scripts this way is great right here and right now for most of the devices it might lack something when you upgrade and when you think to yourself: “I could just remake them” it’s really hard to get motivation to get through the same script again and check if something could be improved.

So yeah, even if extra points during strokes add stuttering you might get at some point e.g. OSR or Handy will improve their algorithm for smooth transitions or a new device will appear that will be better in many ways. What I’m trying to tell is it is for every person to decide if they want to make their script simplier for today’s situation or if they want to add some points and make their script future-proof. And even if I lose interest in interactive devices at least I know that the scripts can be more enjoyable in a year or so. If it requires extra time so be it, this is how I want my scripts to be. Of course I’m not adding useless points that almost don’t change the velocity of the strokes, but if they change the speed in a feelable way and make the strokes to be more accurate even for a small group of people it’s fine for me.

OSR works flawlessly without pausing on my player (JFP) and others like MFP.

It’s even possible to do smooth acceleration/deceleration curves because it considers the previous and next few points like you suggested above. :slight_smile:

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If I remember correctly points in a script for the launch need to be 167ms apart for it to read them smoothly, any closer and you can get skipping. A lot of posters now say whether they scripted for the launch or the handy or at least try to give an indication if the script is suitable for that device.

I hadn’t seen that number before, I do attempt to dry run the script (without my member) on the kero and if I see it struggle I may go back and tweak it either shorten the move or spread out the timing a frame or 2. I’ve even adjusted a rapid fire thrusting so I was doing 2 strokes for 3 the actor was doing but you couldn’t tell as the movement on screen was so fast you just felt the unit going full speed.

Well, I dont think its mature of anyone to think of them “Above” you for making extra points to take advantage of other machines to smooth curves. I try to sometimes but noticed when testing the script that it does seem a little slow and difficult to notice vs just full bore strokes. The OSR is good for slow strokes and makes curves a dream.
Whenever I do “OTF” I go in a 2nd time and watch it play out frame by frame to ensure its on par.
As Liquid said “Quality over quantity” Put your time into it and make it fun for you and others still have fun aswell!
So many different devices these days… Im doing one that I plan on learning Pitch and maybe Roll with and the up n down script will suffer for it. I think im going to do one for non OSR machines to add for these parts where theres no up or down action and then another OSR script for it.

Hi, yeah, there are several initiatives to make the Handy motion smoother. FW3 can handle more data better than FW2.X, but there so many improvements to be done. In script play, we have data on what is going to happen in the future. This should be included in the motor control algorithms. We can also do some improvements to the API layer. I’m not happy before SpaceX calls us to borrow our control algorithms to their rockets;-)


If you get to the end and just want to call names or insult me, please don’t.

That’s exactly what a scruffy lookin nerf herder would say

Yeah, at the moment too many points can be bad.

It works well and actually helps a bit for slow movements where there is a reason for a sudden change in speed, but for trying to have a changing speed within a smooth motion it doesnt work unless you are using something like rasers player.

Though i still think vector based scripting would be a more logical approach. being able to get any acceleration curve you could want.



though i imagine its a whole different form of maths and coding from how all the software/hardware/firmware currently works.

Just my two cents.

My main motivation for scripting is to produce a script that me (and my dong) and happy with and can get off too. In pursuing that mentality, I have tried scripts on this websites, loaded it in a script reader to find and cherry pick what works for me and apply it to my scripts. Reading up on opinions as well helps.

I think a great bonus point to this is if I download a script that is not to my liking, I can easily edit it to suit my needs. It may take me a day or longer but in the end my effort pays off for me. (These edited scripts also stay only with me, what I think is better doesn’t necessarily translate to what other people think is better.)

On the topic of revisiting scripts, I think that really depends on the scripter. I feel that the older scripts are a good reminder of what I’ve improved over the years so touching them seems a bit counter-productive to me as I can script other scenes that I’m currently interested in. (Basically I only have a certain amount of time to spend scripting, and I would rather script what I want in the now instead of revisiting a script. Though that doesn’t mean I won’t want to revisit my scripts, just maybe a couple of years down the road.)