About to build the osr2

I want to build the OSR2 but I was just wondering if instead using Romeo ble mini I could use an Arduino uno for example cause they share the same chip, just cause I already have an Arduino uno and it is cheaper option. I am asking that instead of checking my self cause I am not at home right now but if I knew that I can’t use Arduino I would order the Romeo board.

Should be doable. Pick the right kind of board in the Arduino sketch software, then upload the firmware sketch. Just double check the pinout diagrams for both boards to look for differences

The ESP32 works for sure, and I think that’s where everything is heading now

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The boards look quite different, so you’d probably have to do a fair bit of editing of the firmware code. You’d also need to modify the 3D base model to fit the board and its port positions (i.e. USB port position, and moving power from separate with the Romeo to board-based with the Uno).

You can get ESP32 boards for pretty cheap right now, and the firmware already exists ready to use that, as well as the 3D models to fit that board. If you’re having trouble finding a Rome BLE Mini for a reasonable price, I’d suggest getting an ESP32 board instead.

@sanchorg is right about the ESP32.

I recommend it over the Romeo and most devices are currently or are going to be using the ESP32

Oh I didn’t know that. I have the esp32 and rpi4b “on stock” so I will try the esp too if Arduino doesn’t work.

I know that probably I will have to change pinouts and it is not a big deal. Editing the base shouldn’t be that hard too, I have spent some time in fusion360 doing parts for my other projects.

I have esp “on stock” so will check that. You said the frimware and 3D models already exists so where I can find it? Is it on the Tempest patreon or somewhere there on this site? I am pretty new to this site.

When you support Tempest at the $8/month level on SubscribeStar (or the evil alternative, Patreon), you get access to the design vault on Discord, which has the models and firmware.

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@Donmon You can 100% use a arduino Uno or Nano clone as that’s what I’m using now. Just run your servos with a good separate psu and common all your ground(0volt) wires together!


Good to know

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