[ALPHA] FapTap - Watch funscript videos directly in browser

I’m currently building a website https://faptap.io that allows you to watch funscripts directly in your browser - no download or setup required (just bluetooth and a chrome browser).

You can connect any device supported by buttplug.io (https://iostindex.com/), be it a stroker or vibrator (I still need help testing).

Right now, the video selection and overall site features are very limited, but I’m planning to improve it. I wanted to put out the prototype as soon as possible to get valuable feedback and improve it.


  • connect multiple toys via bluetooth
  • stream videos directly in your browser, no download required, it’s plug-and-play, zero set-up.
  • optimized for mobile
  • limited video selection (will be extended)

What I’m planning to do next:

  • search, categories, recommendations, bug fixes, …
  • give users the ability to upload their own scripts
  • support more streaming sites (right now it’s only PH)
  • improved video player

I’d be happy to get feedback so I can improve it!


this looks really cool man tyvm!!

Also, it’s worth looking through the various posts that discuss the problems sites like this pose.

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You can beat your meat with your homies

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NEW scriptaxis les gooooooo

Awesome idea! Love it.

Update 20220806

  • Fix: Player now remembers the last location when switching quality (instead of starting from 0:00 again)
  • Feature: Hotspots, it now shows where there is the most action/speed
  • Feature: The video duration is now shown on the homepage for the video list

Update 20220807

  • Fix: Images now load in lazy-mode, should improve performance/perceived load time
  • Feature: Added Spankbang as a data source
  • Feature: Added more videos (more should come soon)