Are there any free scripts that are just optimized manual hj/bj not video synched?

Basically just looking for a sophisticated script that has good motions while I watch my own videos

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For which device?

you can see my scripts, there is a lot written for blowjob videos

talking about handjob/blowjob simulator, there is this app for the handy which comes with adjustable presets: The handy app

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The “handyverse” random stroker has a blowjob setting.

I recommend checking out Lucifie’s HandyControl.

Why not just get one of the many freely available scripts already here…just don’t bother with the associated video it comes with. I often do this, some awesome scripts here where the video does very little for me but the script on it’s own is excellent for this exact purpose.

Or find a PMV or cock hero that u like and watch your own vids

Smartest idea I ever heard, lemme start grabbing some PMV and Cock Hero vids just for the songs lol

You could also just rename the script file.
Find a script you like, change the name of the script file to match the video file you like and your in business.

Sent you some links on that other post.

Thank you! I will check them out.

I think the answer to your problem is learning some basics on creating scripts. Learning to script can be a long tedious process, but editing scripts is super easy and quick.

Any recommendations for any of these good “script only” scripts? I’m noticing that videos I like which are visually appealing don’t have a script that feels good as well. I get it that creators are “matching” the sensations that appear in the video but I’m realizing what’s appealing to the eye isn’t always as appealing to my Johnson. :joy: