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Auto PMV Generator v3.1

This program was not made by me but I figured I should share this amazing program.

***The gist is this will compile and make a PMV from any videos or music you have (in the proper file format). It can also make it into a CH with a beatmeter. It has its bugs and some limitations but overall its solid when it works. Currently the program is at v3.1. Gonna paste the original post of the creator below and will link the reddit post with his original post. Here is a video I made with the program so you can see what it can do.

New improved version available here: 463.41 MB file on MEGA

No python required to run, just simply unzip the folder, install ffmpeg and make PMVs!Required to install: Builds - CODEX FFMPEG @ (ffmpeg-git-essentials.7z) ImageMagick – Convert, Edit, or Compose Digital Images (optional - only if you want to make cock hero vids or use the intro vid function)

Recommended to install: (any free vpn - just for requests to websites and video downloading while using the app)

Join the subreddit here:

//////////////////////// Installation ////////////////////////

Install all of the above listed programs (How to Install FFmpeg on Windows: 15 Steps (with Pictures))

Before doing anything else you need to add some directories to your environment path variables (Windows → Edit environment variables for your account): Your ffmpeg path - C:…\ffmpeg\bin Image Magick path - c:…\ImageMagick-7.0.11-Q8

Version numbers, drive letters and paths may vary slightly.

Once this is done restart the pc to register the changes.Once the restart is complete, run Auto_PMV_Generator.exe in the unzipped folder.

Wait for the UI to open and then make PMVs!

See the README.txt included in the zipped folder for more detail

Post on this subreddit (AutoPMVs) for help, support and advice!

Good luck and have fun"

//////////////////////// How to use (Simple!) ////////////////////////

Select a folder with your input videos using the Directories->Source Vids Folder tab (must be .mp4 files)

Select an mp4 file of the music you want to use via Directories->Music File (must be .mp4)

Click Make PMV and wait for the magic to happen!

//////////////////////// How to use (Advanced) ////////////////////////

Classifier - Toggle whether or not you want to use the sex scene classifier via the checkbox on the right hand side “Use Classify Model”. It’s much faster without but will make better PMVs with it on. If you’re using input videos that have been classified before it will be quicker when using them the second time.

Download Vids - Select an empty input folder and music folder from the directories tab.Then, either by selecting a pre-chosen url from the list or copying a url from youtube/vimeo add a url of the music folder to the UI.Likewise, filter porn videos using the filters (select category/exclude category… channel… pornstar). As you select these options, the number of available vids will decrease Under input video details)You can also filter by length using the “Vid Length (Min)/(Max)” boxes on the left hand side.Change if you want to select scenes including all the categories you’ve selected or any of the categories using the “Category (Or?)” toggle. Likewise for pornstars. When or is on it will take any. When deselected then it will only take scenes including all the tags selected.You can reset the selection using the button above.- Then you can select how many videos you want with the “Select vids Number” tool (aim for 4-10). It will randomly select “n” number of videos from your selected parameters.Then click “Add URLs”. They should then appear in the central text box.Now if you were to click Make PMVs the program will download these to your folders first and then make the PMV!

Beatmeter - Click add beatmeter to get a cock hero style video with a beatmeter matched to the music. You can also add a beatmeter to a pre-made video by selecting Directories->Input PMV for Cock Hero and then clicking “Make Cock Hero”

Including Sound - If you would like to use the original audio from your input videos then increase the “Original Audio Volume” from 0. The number represents what fraction of the original audio it would be so above 1 to be louder.

Use music videos - To do this, click the “Use Music Video” checkbox.
If not downloading via the app you will also need to change Directories->Music Vid Folder to the directory where your target file is stored.
The occurrence factor changes how much the music video will appear. 1 will be roughly equal to the amount of porn, higher will be more, lower less.

Trimming music - You can trim it with the Start/End boxes or simply check the “Autotrim” box to allow the program to try and work out the best start/end points for you. The auto option has mixed results.

Tune the scene changes - To change how and when you should get scene changes you can use 3 parameters. “nSplits” - (NOT the number of total splits!!!) instead, it is how many sections to split the music into for calculating “switch points” in the song (Higher = more splits)- “SD for clip switch” - How many standard deviations above the mean difference does a change in audio have to be to trigger a “switch point” (Higher = less splits)- “Granularity” - What time to group the audio into. If it were 0.1 you would have a sample of every tenth of a second and then the program would look for differences in audio between each sample to try and determine where are the best points to make scene changes (Higher = less splits) “Min clip length” - What is the minimum length of audio needed between each “switch point” (Higher = less splits)

Adding an intro video - This functionallows you to include your own title scene in the video! Either use a pre-made one included with the zipped folder (Auto_PMV_Generator/Resources/IntroVids) or make your own and add it to the folder (or can store elsewhere) Select the video you want to use via Direcotries->Intro VideoThe click the “Add intro video” checkbox. The title text and username will automatically be added depending on the values in “Output File Name” and “User Name”

Saving a profile - Once you have a good setup of parameters that works for you then save them as a profile by typing a new name or overwriting an existing one under “Profile_Management”. This will save most of your set parameters in the UI as well as input and output folders.

Adding to the existing data lists - You can copy and paste a bunch or porn urls you want to save for future use into the “Enter Video URLs Here” if you then click Save Data the name, tags, categories, url etc will then be stored for future use. If you also want to download them for other uses then click download. Only certain sites are supported, see youtube_dl for the full list.All the data files used for the music list and porn list are located in - Auto_PMV_Generator/Resources/DataLists The main two that feed into the program are combinedMusicList.csv and combinedPornList.csv EDIT AT YOUR OWN RISK

This has been a project made by me, on my own and developed over a couple of years. I’ve made 7,500 PMVs using variations of this program and am letting anyone else use it entirely for free. Please be patient with issues, errors and bugs. I’m not a developer and this isn’t my job so be nice and we can all have fun :slight_smile: