Best scripts for first timer who wants to edge?


Just got my handy and am looking for some good free scripts to start with. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to last long initially, so am particularly interested in good slow scripts. I’m also interested in how people find good scripts on this site? Do you look for specific creators?



I would start out by checking out @SlowScripter’s scripts. I don’t normally choose what to grab based on the heatmap alone. I prefer to decide based on the video for the most part. Almost all of the videos that are linked here can be streamed. I will do a 5 second spot check in multiple parts of the video to get a sense if I will like it or not. Over time you will become familiar with scripters from whom you frequently download. Same applies to video series, or video creators. I may not like 100% of a scripter’s library or even the video series/creator but for the most part I enjoy what I grab and have very few “duds.”


These two are awesome


I love slow scripts. SlowScripter is awesome and also made some of them myself. A bunch of favourites:


Love the name mate :joy::+1:

Welcome to the community, these are the droids your looking for. Scripters have their own styles and taste. So if you come across something, there is a good chance that creator will have more content you will like.

If you are trying to stay in the game, check this one out.

And if you don’t already know be sure to check out the DIY and Hands Free topics.

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Note that you have a pause button. And i would recommend using that to avoid coming too early. Even though its not entirely following the video at that point, its a good way to get used to the intensity (making it easier to follow the videos later on).

But the downside is that it could result in making those videos no longer intense enough, although… thats often just down to your own mood. Even in low intensity scripts, over time you will get more sensitive.

However, keep in mind that the idea of edging is to stay to the edge. Making the video continue and ‘losing’ that way isnt realy edging.

@vibratemyballs Try these:

Here are a couple of my favorites (Video should be easy to find with a quick search)

I’ve actually be favoriting my scripts for edging.

These are all slow scripts, in the Speed range of 90 to 200.

I like the Harlow and Xohannajoy ones since they’re speed 110 and 90 especially, so you can basically just put some music on and relax with them. The FellatioJapan vids hit the tip, and Aisha’s vids are slower as well.

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Obligatory mention of the halving-function in, which halves the speed of a script while maintain overall cadence (it sounds like it would ruin the immersion but it doesn’t!)

I run basically any script with a speed over like 250 through it because I know I’ll never get through the whole video otherwise (especially for full-length videos which tend to feature male actors with desensitized dicks thrusting at max speed for like 20 minutes straight lol).

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Will check this out!

I much prefer the slower stuff myself as that’s what I prefer in real life experiences. I’m going to put one up today which should fit the bill.