BLACKFRIDAY SALE 10% OFF OSR2(+) and SR6 [Sex Robots] and Free Drying Rack/Mount Frame

I stand by my builds. If there a problem I resolve it.

To date I have not had a single unit returned.

Should a build have damage during shipping I send replacement plastics for the cost of shipping.

If a build doesn’t work as expected on arrival I will TS the build and will exchange units as needed. Over the course of ~600 sales I have had to exchange maybe 5 units.


How are you all doing…has the power been restored and whatnot?

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I forgot to get an update on that to you guys, I just got back to work like it was just another day. :stuck_out_tongue:

Power was restored. I was in one of last groups of people restored in my area. The most I lost was time and food from spoiling.

I am back at full steam and have started getting the lead time back down from 1 month.


Hey man, so before I jump the gun. What’s the eta on arrival once ordered? Is there any specials coming up like last year Black Friday? Please and thank

2-3 weeks depending on your order.

Orders with just parts will ship much faster.

No sales planned at this time shipping rates have gone up again and the hurricane set us back a bit.

I have been supporting tempest for two months at the $8 tier. If I would like to buy the SR6, do I need to change my tier and wait for for 3 months?

No need to wait.

Just increase from 8 to 16 and place your order when ready.

I was not planning on doing a sale this year for Black Friday/holidays. Cost of production and living have increased by detrimental amounts.

I would rather make sales happen than have a hard time making ends meet.



All orders over $200 will come with a free drying rack.

Orders Over $500 Will also get a free mount frame.

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Considering getting an SR6, but I’m not a patron to tempest. Are there any interesting new developments that are worth waiting for?

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Not at this time.

Looks to be working on an upgrade on the twist module to have a brushless motor.

This would decrease noise and maybe see an increase in speed/torque.

It would be released in December at the earliest (maybe) but probably after. I honestly have no idea.

He did just drop a release for Keon Sleeve owners. It is an official release adapter to allow for the use of Keon sleeves.

What would be an estimated price point for SR6 with just the twist module with servos that are in the middle of decent for speed but also price?

This sounds like a good fit for you. @Joval

What type of resin/filler etc is used in your 3D-printed parts, M0SAIC? I’m amazed that so few people experience parts breaking, considering the amount of torque and potential for material fatigue.

Are there any videos of the SR6 with the twist working with a video in the background? I’d like to see it in action.

what effect will brushless motors will have on price?

Breakage only happens in shipping for the most part.

There was a time when the one of the modules was fragile. I had to increase perimeter walls and infill to resolve. When you print for moving and load bearing it is important to consider infill and orientation of layers. Doing so we have been able to print in PLA and have very functional devices. Durability is good especially when the bearing end arms were introduces. The rubber grommets were on of the only pieces that had “wear”. My OSR2+ plastic base only finally broke after years of use and I was rough as hell with it. Drops on floor, chairs ran into it, high torque servos, etc.

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Seems like the price difference is pretty small. I asked Tempest in the stream when he was introducing the idea. If it affected my selling price it would only be about 10-15 dollars it seems.

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Good news for Keon sleeve owners.

Tempest released this adapter for the Keon sleeve today.

I will be adding this to the store soon.

Long time lurker. I just took advantage of the sales to make a purchase.

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Any advantage of the Keon sleeves over the Fleshlight? Or is this just to make upgrade cheaper/easier for current Keon owners?