Building And Selling Pre-Built SR6 EU-Wide Long Term Repair Support

My original plan is not gonna work out. Working on a different solution.


* Pre-built SR6 with twist and desk mount
* 700 Euro price tag
* extended servo board warranty for an additional 100 Euros (more info below)
* comes in black
* customizations available upon request (color, additional modules: heater, i lube, t-valve, RGB LEDs)

The Stroker Robot 6 has gathered quite the following in recent years. More info on tempest’s ([patreon]]( and being an avid user myself I want to give this community something back. I build a SR6 robot for you just the way you like it with well picked parts.
This robot comes with seven DS3235/25SG servo motors. In my opinion they are the absolute best ]servos in their price class and here my special offer. They run quieter and cooler than the red ones.

Extended servo board warrranty
Since all the electronics are made in China, the manufacturers pick the cheapest parts possible to maintain that low price tag. There are two failure points in this robot. Either the esp32 board quits working randomly for seemingly no reason or it’s the servo having a fit or it’s a combination of both the esp32 board shorting out and taking the servo board with it. So I reverse engineered the servo board, bought quality replacement parts from DigiKey and I am in the process of finalizing a significant oder of PCB replacement boards.

How is the warranty gonna work:
For the next two years you get an unlimited amount of replacement parts.
I send you replacement parts, you take apart your device and install the parts with written guide.
pro: less waste, economic
con: soldering iron required
(It is possible to make a makeshift soldering iron with pliers, a nail and a lighter. I can send you with a milliliter of flux)
You send the broken servos to me and in return you receive refurbished servos (repaired by myself). I may have to insist that you cover shipping if it exceeds
pro: no soldering iron required
con: shipping cost

I am committing to at least 2 years of providing this service. Unfortunately I am not able to do this for our American friends because the cost of shipping does not make this profitable for either of us. I may decide to just sell the replacement boards at a later date.
let me know what you think, I am also available on tempest’s discord with almost the same username(one less A) if you wanna have a private chat.