ClipMash - Generate video compilations automatically (v0.17.0)

is anyone else having an issue where using a song from youtube doesn’t load into the final video?

So it seems much better this time round, instead of being out of sync after like 2-3 clips, it seems to be after 20 clips, so I just manually move the entire funscript 2 steps or so from the out of sync point, which I only had to do 3 times in the 3 min vid

Also seems to cut the funscript appropriately, before the funscript for a clip would sometimes overlap into another clip because its too long, maybe causing the desync.

I tried quickly with a jayz song and seems to work, just gotta make sure the song is checked off on the box in the music options section, i gotta scroll right to see it

Can you link the song that you had this issue with? Gonna try fixing that next.

Yeah here you go, its a snip from the full video I Want Your Cum - A No-Nut-November PMV | NoodleDude PMVs, it might just be the song itself isnt normal. I uploaded it on my mega :

is this possible?

No, not at the moment. I don’t really know that application at all. Can you explain a bit further what exactly you would want? Would you want an integration similar to Stash, i.e. to be able to import videos and markers/timestamps into ClipMash? Do you know if it has an API?

Yep, import the videos. with the markers/timestamps so that you can make a compilation with only those markers. no idea if it has an api. the time markers comes from the same place stash gets them from.

not sure if this helps;