Control My Sex Toy development

We are starting with Control My Sex Toy development. Handy comes first.

Users will be able to connect with each other on SLR and let control their sex toys. There will be VR interface in the app to make sex toy movements and also desktop/mobile (mobile SLR app is coming to Android and iOS supporting VR and flat videos). Will come up with a dildo with sensors as input device at some point.

We are starting with sex toy multiuser first as full blown SLR app multiuser is expected early next year allowing you to talk to each other in realtime, see each other as avatars and interact with each other in SLR metahub. Right now you will be able to use discord or any other messenger.

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Awesome! Build it and they will cum :wink:

Would be great if it worked with the VR cam girls on SLR natively. Are they techincally SLR users or is that third party stuff?

I think this is what the op is saying already.

However, as to the dildo with ir sensors (reverse detecting connections/lack of from hand blocking emitting ir sender (like a tv remote control) or haptic (optional) touch sensors) …as cool as that can be simple low tech for right now can be the following …

So handy have an old app that utilises a mobile phones gyroscope… shake to stroke… something like that… og handy folk know.

Anyhow there was a suggestion to create or mod a vertical phone stand/holder … maybe even a custom embossed plate to slot a phone securely into. Then this part goes on top of a handle that can be stroked up and down. Originally just putting it on top of a modified shake weight was suggested but perhaps thats more moding than needed.

I was thinking more along the lines of a ikea kitchen roll holder with the top modded for a phone holder/ vertical stand and the handle for sliding up and down the shaft of the kitchen roll holder be a part thats longer then the roll holder rod and holds the above piece, the phone holder in place. Now stroke movement = handy stroke movement. However, i suspect there can be lag. Hopefully not.

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Check out the ikea TORKAD kitchen roll holder :slight_smile: its even got like the handy logo prebuilt into it

I can’t remember if i had it in discord or not but the method was simple, the handle could be a medium wide long stemmed vase turned upside down to insert into the kitchen roll holder. Then using the flat base of that, stick on a car phone holders suction base. Then add your phone to that and use the old handy app. Tada

More of third party. We haven’t done much of development there as thru aren’t at the same pace with us

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Any idea what is that old handy app and where to find it?

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I think its this one

Look up toy fontrol on reddit i own the new sub since the old one was closed if love tovhave it be the home for this dm me there

Any link on fontrol? Couldn’t find anything worthy.

Lol my bad its toy_control

Sub reddit is in its very early atages thecpld one was banned due tovits owner and mod being inactive but id love to give controlvmy sex toy a home