ConvertVib for OFS

This plugin is ment to convert a vibration script to a script that the handy can use.

The way it does this is by inverting the position and adding a vibration. This vibration strength increases linear with the position.

:file_folder: Plugin

Install this in the folder:
or for OFS2 (untested, but should work):

(the zip contains the plugin folder so you dont have to make that yourself).

:memo: To use:

Change the settings to the desired output, and click the button to convert.

The settings can matter quite a bit in the sort of output that gets given. As for example a setting of 6APS and 600 speed will make a full up and down stroke which only increases distance depending on the vibrration intensity (and a 600 speed is the handy limit for this sort of movement).

Note though, that a higher APS will significantly increase the filesize of the resulting script, and also weaken the amplitudes.
And a lower aps will increase stroke length and make it feel less like a vibration script.

An APS 1/100th of the speed will make it a full length stroke script. Any aps lower than 1/100th will weaken the script further (not recommended)

There is no speed limiter! The speed value is only used to calculate stroke lengths and while it acts similar, it should be counted on top of the already existing movement speeds.

:framed_picture: Examples

25 aps 500 speed:

60 aps 500 speed:

12 aps 600 speed:

6 aps 600 speed:


Need one there do the other way around :slight_smile:


Seconded! I’d love to see a tool that converts stroker speed/frequency into vibration intensity.

Probably isnt too hard to make, so it could be that soon there is a plugin for that.

The main issue is that in normal scripts the speeds arent very consistent, which for vibration scripts generaly is better. So for that i might have to use some tricks then.

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Sure, its not as clean as the conversion towards handy vibrations. But this is because scripts are generaly not very clean data to work with when you are trying to make something smooth.

I had to use a lot of tricks to even get the result as clean as it is now, and timing mismatches are common with rapid action changes, or the scripts will involve a lot of changes themselve.

There is no limit on the speed changing either. The script only smooths it out based on the distance setting you provided (which below 5ms becomes unstable).

But at least it works. Ill update the OP later on so it will provide the proper layout for both conversion directions, and both plugins.