Does Intiface Desktop/Buttplug support OSR devices?

I recently set up my SR6, it works fully from what I’ve tested, but Intiface Desktop doesn’t detect it. Is support for OSR machines broken currently? Because it’s listed as supported and I’ve seen posts saying it works, but I’ve seen other posts that say the opposite

I looked through the device config file for Buttplug and there’s no mention of any OSR devices, but support for TCode is in it, maybe that has something to do with this issue? Other than that, I’m clueless as to why it’s not detecting my device

One more thing is that in the Intiface logs, it seems to detect my device but it says something along the lines of “no configuration found for device”

Does anyone on here have an OSR connecting successfully with Intiface?

It works on my machine. In intiface server status, check “serial port devices”. Stop the server, in intiface devices tab you can add serial devices.

Afaik only 1-axis is supported and performance isn’t particularly great.

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Thanks for testing it out, I tried doing that before but it gives me an error when I press “ADD”
The warning says: “Protocol, serial port, and baud rate must be set to add a user device configuration”
I set the protocol as TCode and the baud rate as 115200 (not sure what that baud rate is), but when I try to select a port a drop down menu overlays the port option saying “No data available”, so I just left it blank.

When adding a port do you get that message? I’ll try open an issue on github if it’s just me

The port dropdown should list all serial port devices on your computer. For example COM5.

Can you see your OSR device in other programs, for example device manager? If that’s the case, intiface is probably broken.

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I see it listed as a Silicon Labs UART device, so it is showing up and working. I’m assuming that this is a Linux specific issue relating to how USB devices are handled. I opened a Github issue here if anyone’s interested: Setting port doesn't work on Linux · Issue #179 · intiface/intiface-desktop · GitHub

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