Fallen Angel Marielle [OPEN SOURCE] + Chaos Mode + Fixs (16-Apr-2022)

Great! is there an eta when this will be available? i can test stuff if needed.

Literally that was the first time I looked at the code, so I have no freaking idea, but I did not see anything else where it could be handled…
But looking at what the gml_Object_o_<entity>_Step_0 code does, I do not think there will be any other places where this can be prevented, since this is the code that makes the enemies tick (walk, attack…).
So I do not think we can really stop that code to run without consequences.
What we have to do is to prevent the user to stop the animation, for that we have to stop the condition to succeed and there is not much that can be done to do just that.
So I think it is something that had to be handled case by case :frowning:

I think that i didn’t quite understand the original problem.

But when you report “gallery”, you do so before and after an interaction, and after an interaction the code is empty.
Like so:


You could modify my original code in gml_Script_scr_launcher_gallery with:

if (string(argument0) == "")
    global.fucktimer = (current_time + 14000)
    global.fucktimer = (current_time + 3600000)

To have to wait atleast an hour while in an animation, and 14 seconds when out of an animation to access the pause menu.

I’m not sure how accessing the pause menu come into play in this.

Either I do not understand the flow of the game (and this is a big possibility) or you missing the base problem.

What we want to achieve if I’m not mistaken is, that the player can not skip interactions with the enemies / taps, so if you are caught by either of them you have to “watch” the animation at least once, before you could escape.

Is escaping an enemy / trap has something to do with the pause menu?


But when you report “gallery”, you do so before and after an interaction, and after an interaction the code is empty.

As far as I can tell setting the gallery empty is a reaction to the fact that the user is no longer getting fucked :smiley:
It’s in the player idle check:

if (variable_global_exists("wasfucking") && variable_global_exists("fucking") && global.wasfucking == 1 && global.fucking == 0)
    global.wasfucking = 0

@dimnogro what if we set the timer in the gml_Script_scr_launcher_gallery and mess up the global.key_interact as you planned and use the gml_Object_o_Player_Step_0 to set it back to the original?

Based on this this should be possible:

Step Event GameMaker splits game time into steps with the game speed defining how many of these steps there are supposed to be per second. A step, is basically the loop that runs constantly with all the events being checked and triggered as necessary while the game runs, so as you can imagine, the Step Event is an event that is checked every single step of the game while the instance exists. Note that the Step Event category has three sub-categories to “fine tune” timing within the instance, but in general you will use the main Step Event most.

So basically 2 new global in the gml_Object_o_global_var_Create_0:

global.force_fucking = 1
global.fucktimer = -20000

This goes to the gml_Script_scr_launcher_gallery

if global.force_fucking
    if (!variable_global_exists("original_key_interact"))
        global.original_key_interact = global.key_interact
    global.key_interact = 230
    global.fucktimer = (current_time + 14000)

And this goes to the end of gml_Object_o_Player_Step_0

if (global.fucktimer < current_time && global.force_fucking && global.key_interact == 230)
    global.key_interact = global.original_key_interact

What this does theoretically, if a user does a colision the interract key gets unbounded.
And after 14 sec the user step will set it back up to the original.
It seems to be working… there was an issue with the above code where the interaction key stuck on 230 the second time around…
Do not forget to save the original beforehand…



it really works! very cool
except the vibrations :frowning:

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Not sure if I’ve missed something obvious, first time using any of this, when I try to open FallenAngelHandy it comes up with “To run this application, you must install .NET core. Would you like to download it now?” I click yes and nothing happens, so not sure where I’m going wrong

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try downloading it manually from the web

How do you run or extract this file type exactly?

Are you looking to play the game with the animation look if so, you just have to download the game linked in the first post and copy this file into the game base directory.

If you are looking to edit the file and change the mechanics of the game it can be done using the UndertaleModTool (just google it).