Faptap quickly being flooded with shit, low effort content

Title, every new upload is some weird furry shit, hmvs (Does anyone actually like these? especially the ones that just sync to a beat?), and weird loli pedo shit. Give us a way to filter out this trash.


I wish there was a way to get rid of that Handy ad that’s always shown on every video…


Yeah, am I supposed to buy a second one for my second dick? If I have one connected they should probably stop advertising it to me.


Unfortunately no way to filter tags at all on FapTap as far as I’m aware, if someone does know how, please let me know. Personally don’t really like the site for that and the pretty egregious advertising.
Your only option would be to just ignore what you don’t like.

You just described all the things I like, maybe I should check out this website :smile:


Best to put your suggestions in this thread, the creator/owner is there and does try to apply suggestions at times. FapTap - Watch Free Interactive Porn in your Browser - #249 by Pmv4me


Yeah it’s a huge turn off to see it looking for stuff, and I imagine it’s the same thing the other way around.

It’s mostly the convenience of it all being right there, instead of needing to download.

It’s an odd one since it’s what’s being uploaded, so like clearly there’s demand is it’s being made. Overall I feel like the thread that’s linked has directly caused change in the past.

I would suggest a honey not shit approach as these are free services and work people put in as well.

nice kink shaming. if you don’t like it just don’t look at it. the main reason I bought an handy was to watch HMVs. personally I don’t enjoy watching blowjob videos or ass only riding. You don’t see me complaining about it and calling it shit.


Hentai/CGI porn can stay as long as there’s no animals involved.

And thats not how it works. While it might turn people on, a lot of people might instantly get into a nope state and lose interest.

If people dont like certain content, its better if they can be sure they dont see it. Good filtering is on that important.

Its not like this site where you can just look around for a video, download it, and then 30mins later decide to watch it. Faptap is designed so you can nearly instantly go. Which doesnt work when you go flacid because you saw such content show up. And even a thumbnail can cause that!

So its not kink shaming, its complaining about a thing that is natural to happen and actualy causes issues to some.

Note that the description ‘weird shit’ is also the best description to give it, since you can never reliably describe a fetish some have, and they can be very strange and disturbing to some. Shit is a common word of grouping things in plenty of countries.
Note that for plenty of people a foot fetish is already disgusting. The more niche you go, the more extreme. “shit” realy describes well how far it is off from your expectation. As it describes anything basic that you dislike. And sure, alternative writings can probably be used, but combined with frustration, this still says most about it. ‘weird stuff’ just doesnt give the same impact as ‘weird shit’ in stating how much you dislike it.


By pointing out that “shit” does not necessarily mean negative things in some cultures, you are inherently admitting that you understand it does carry negative connotations in other cultures.

Even if your intent was not to kink shame, it’s going to come off that way to many when you use language like that on a website visited by people all over the world. You’d probably avoid conflict and get a more positive response if you used different language when discussing sensitive topics like this.

All that aside, I’m with you that Faptap needs a better filtering system, and it’s totally valid to complain that you have to see video thumbnails that turn you off.


It’s okay to dislike some kind of content. But it’s better to be more constructive and don’t be destructive about that. This causes, like we see again, some unnecessary discussion and the actually topic is not being talked about.

Yes, there is a huge need for more filtering options. Currently there is only a way to filter out gay / trans content. But there needs to be a filter more animated content as well.

For the future, I kindly ask to use the existing thread for any kind of suggestions or troubleshooting:

Or the Discord server: FapTap

Also, please be constructive and discuss in a civil manner about that. By that we will be way more likely to achieve something. By just being destructive, we don’t achieve anything.


This thread seemed pretty constructive until someone mentioned kink shaming. OP outright said a possible solution (filters), and the fifth reply directed them to the proper thread where it should be taken. Not bad.

I guess we have other opinions what is constructive and what is destructive then.


Considering you skipped over the parts I mentioned (suggesting a solution), I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree on what is constructive.

Thanks for helping direct the conversation, Sibowitz, and everyone for their feedback.

I think there are useful opinions in this thread we can use to make the site better. I’m handing this over to the developer and I’ll update you all here when I know more.

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I don’t know man. when your thread title is “Faptap quickly being flooded with shit, low effort content”. and then you specifically call out specific things and label them as “shit”, I don’t consider this constructive. and no, to answer the other guy. The word “shit” in this context doesn’t refer to “things” in the sense of “there was a lot of shit over there”.

OP raises a valid criticism. which is the lack of filtering options. The problem is how he goes about doing it.

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This thread has gotten a little caught in the weeds of tone, the OP has muted it, and as @blackx69 says, there is a topic specifically for feature suggestions and feedback, so I’ll be closing this one.