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Handy For Sale Europe (£85) not including shipping

Hey guys,

Planning to sell my Handy here and the condition is still very good and working perfectly.

I won’t send the sleeve (unless you want it), but you can order it for a cheap price from the Handy website directly.

Reasons for selling it:

  1. Moving out soon at end of year
  2. Would like to start anew and move away from the fap habit

First come First Serve to anyone who would want it

Please send me a message if anyone’s interested thank you!

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Why are you selling out of curiosity?

Just cause I’m going to be moving out of UK soon and clearing up space for it

So I didn’t want to throw it away but rather sell it to someone else since it’s still in top condition and would be a waste to do so

Is this still available?

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Yes it is @Whywontitwork