Handy VR? Free DeoVR alternative?

How to play VR with the Handy now since DeoVR dropped the support?
Free DeoVR alternative?

As far as Im aware, DeoVR did not drop Handy playback support and that would surprise if that was the case

Are you sure that you are no longer able to use your Handy through DeoVR App and its not just a technical error?

@Genesis1993 If you are referring to that DeoVR doesn’t support DLNA anymore then look at the discussion in DeoVR dropping DLNA - alternatives?

I don’t know why, but that worked for me. But who knows for how long :smiley:

You are right, it can be enabled via settings and they changed it to an “experiemntal feature” presumably to get around the support aspects. Perfectly acceptable to me.

I dont have the Quest2.
I have the HTC Vive and DeoVR never worked for me im stuck at an infinite loading screen when it launches and then it crashes :confounded:

Is there an open source option?

I’ve been using HTC Vive / Pro and Pro 2 headsets over the years with DeoVR and it has been working without any issues. Have you done the usual checks?

  • use the latest graphics drivers
  • updated VIVE console for Steam VR
  • updated firmware for your headset and lighthouses
  • verify the integrity of your SteamVR, VIVE console for SteamVR and DeoVR installations
  • use a still supported operating system (there are many clinging to Win7 unfortunately)

WINDOWS 7 ONLY??? Im on Windows 10 maybe thats why!!!
All drivers are updated. Will do the integrity check.

No, what I meant was that many still run Win7 for some reason despite the fact that Microsoft doesn’t support it. DeoVR has Win7 as minimum requirement and Win10 as recommended, but the question is if they actually test it on Win7 still.

Make sure the firmware is updated too. That is usually something that Vive console and SteamVR will alert you on if there are updates. Make sure to apply them if there are. You can do a manual update check in SteamVR if I remember correctly, just to be sure.

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