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Hey guys. Normally I just run everything through the slr app that installed directly on the oculus quest 2. However, sometimes I use the virtual pc desktop streaming app and then launch the slr desktop app. Steam vr kicks in and the slr desktop app launches. HOWEVER, when I launch it this way, I can’t seem to use my scripts for videos on slr (scripts that are not slr premium scripts). I’ve tried putting the interactive folder EVERYWHERE. In the slr app folder. In the steam vr folder. But can’t get outside scripts to run on slr desktop app. Anyone know a fix?

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Thank you my bad

Although there may be people here that can answer your question I believe that this kind of technical question is probably more suited for given the description you’ve given. If the SLR representatives in the forum can’t resolve the issue then there is also the option to contact their support directly Contact us | SexLikeReal.

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