Help with oculus go

hello i just bought myself a oculus go but it seems not be loading scripts from the interactive folder when i play video’s on deovr / SLR website can someone help me out on this one (really out of idea’s) ???

Oculus go is no longer supported. You also need to be subscriber to SLR or buy one of their scripts in order for DeoVR to work with scripts.

i am member of SLR , bought several scripts even video’s still doesn’t do anything.

Unfortunately, as @Husky said, the Oculus Go is no longer supported by SLR/DeoVR so scripts don’t work anymore. It’s a real shame they broke this as DeoVR was the only native video player that played scripts on the Go, but I’m afraid you’re out of luck now.

Pigasus has a version for Go but it doesn’t work with scripts (the dev eventually added script support but only to the newer Quest version) and HereSphere never had a Go-compatible version. Sadly the chances of either developer building a Go-compatible script-playing version and selling it on SideQuest is basically none.

Your only option would be to play videos on a computer and stream your desktop to the Go with a virtual desktop app. Unfortunately VirtualDesktop (the app) is no longer for sale so that’s no good – even if you install the last Go-supporting build through SideQuest the app fails the licensing check unless you already bought it thru the Go store. But if you have a Windows PC then maybe ALVR might still work? If so, then you could use something like ScriptPlayer on your PC to play the script and video together.

Good luck!

Virtual Desktop and ALVR works for sure, but you need a decent PC for higher res-videos and they are not the same quality as played natively (they are streamed). It’s sad there are not any script-ready player options for Go.

just ordered a quest 1 128gb online for 150 € hope this will work now

A Quest 2 would have been better. Last week Meta announced that they won’t support Quest 1 starting 2024. Since SLR seems to end support for certain devices when the official support ends (at least they said that about Oculus Go) there is a risk that they will end support for Quest 1 too (only speculation from my side though).


just get the oculus quest 2, I have one i dont use it direcly with scripts because i use an estim device but the quest 2 is really good and while i did buy mine just to play vr porn videos lmao, it also works great with vr games and you can conntect it to a pc to play vr videos through the SKYBOX app which connects via wifi so you dont need them to be stored on the device,

welp there is my incentive to sell my quest lol

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i hope they won’t stop the quest 1 because i really just bought one …

they will nexxt year just as that other person said but if you can use skybox vr on quest 1 then its not a big deal because as i said you can play the file from your computer. but of course eventually the quest 1 will lose support. even the quest 2 will eventually if they ever make a quest 3

i usually sideload heresphere and deoVR on the quest i also have skybox and Virtual desktop on my oculus account :slight_smile:

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