HereSphere VR Video Player for Quest 2 has native script support for the Handy

You could ask producers if they are willing to send it to you for free. In the end you are making something that can greatly increase their sales.

Or some kind of patreon could work too :slight_smile:


I’m uncertain, but isn’t there a such a thing as a generic-type ‘toy’ where it just kinda converts to the closest compatible ‘conversion’ type thingy?

Hi @HereSphere I just literally 2 days ago tried your demo on my Rift S via Steam and immediately bought it. I have since just ordered a Quest 2 and probably won’t be using the Rift S anymore. Will I be able to transfer the licence? I’m too broke now to buy it again :rofl:

Hi, the licenses don’t transfer since they’re sold on different stores and intended for different platforms. You can issue a refund with Steam, and then purchase the version. Else, you can just use the demo version on The PC version has some advantages for playing multiple flat videos at the same time.

Ah thanks but that demo with the popup really got to me quick! Ok I’ll take the refund and rebuy (sorry Steam!). Absolutely great software btw! Do you know if there’s a way to get the Naughty America scripts to work on SR6?

HereSphere has a timestamp server in the user settings that you can use to communicate with external apps like ScriptPlayer, Multifunplayer, etc. If you’re able to get your SR6 working with those apps, then it should work with HereSphere and downloaded scripts.

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Ok thanks, I guess that’s why the Naughty America scripts won’t work as they’re essentially behind a form of DRM and the full script is hosted at - Handy make the scripts and can’t really blame them for protecting their brand, but it’d be nice to be able to use other toys on them. I do have some Naughty America scenes with full funscripts from other scripters and they’ll have to do for other toys I guess.

Can somebody confirm beofre I purchase this - does the version on Steam also have (offline) funscript support? The original post says it was for Quest 2 but I hope it has been updated thus far. I am using the Index headset so.

The PC version on Steam also supports funscripts for the Handy. I’d recommend trying the free demo to make sure it works for you. There’s a download button on the right side of the Steam store page. (By the way, the Handy servers appear to be having issues this morning, so you might have issues connecting your Handy. I think the Handy devs are working on a fix).

Ah, that would explain why I couldn’t get my scripts to load yesterday. Thanks for the heads up on that.

Best software to use with funscripts . Working nice with XBVR and funscripts. No need to rename every script.

Thanks for the great app.