HereSphere VR Video Player for Quest 2 has native script support for the Handy

Thanks for the response.

  1. I play everything over SMB. I don’t store any videos or scripts on my headset.

  2. All of the videos are still in their original location. I did not move them and they were not deleted. This actually happened at some point while I was using Heresphere. Everything was working fine, and then there just were no playlists. I don’t think the app even crashed or anything.

Sounds like the save system messed up. I don’t think the data is recoverable, so you’ll need to reinstall HereSphere to reset it. I think there’s an issue with the app saving data in the background thread, like some sort of race condition, though I haven’t been able to replicate the bug. I’m rewriting the save code for the UE5 update, so hopefully this won’t happen in the future.

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