How To Connect Your 147+ Sex Toys For Interactive 2D and VR! (Including the HANDY, Fleshlight LAUNCH, Kiiroo KEON, VORZE, LOVENSE, and more) Step by Step Guide with Pictures!)

U g h. This is not really what I wanted to hear, but I can’t say I’m surprised.

The problem with the Launch, as well as the Keon, is that whoever built their controls doesn’t understand controls. All we get is a position to arrive at and an abstract “speed” with no units. The work to turn this into “arrive at position X in Y milliseconds” takes a lot of manual work.

For the Fleshlight Launch, this was done by funjack, the original creator of funscript. They meticulously mapped out start/end timings based on different movements and did a power law regression to come up with the final conversion, so that we could plug in movement distance and time and get the speed we should use. This work most likely needs to be redone for the Keon to have accurate moments.


Thanks for the info @qdot - don’t get me wrong, Keon is pretty smooth off the bat with Scriptplayer and Buttplug - its actually better than SLRs playback at the moment somehow, so not sure what you guys did different, but well done! :clap:

Its still enjoyable for sure as is - but I know what you mean about that speed formula needing to be tweaked - hopefully we can all figure it out one day though for an even better experience


Sorry but I can’t really connect DEOVR in ScriptPlayer … I tried all the solutions proposed above. Just to be sure I have to leave it written “localhost”? I shouldn’t replace it with the IP of the headset or the PC?

Only if you run it on the same PC as ScriptPlayer, if you run it on another device, you need that device’s IP and port

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Just to double check @liquid

  • If Deovr is running on same PC as scriptplayer, then leave settings as default

  • If Deovr is running on Smartphone, or Oculus Quest or Oculus Go (or any non wired headset not connected to PC), then user will need to find out their own IP and port?

Is there an easy way to find IP and port (or a standard IP/port) for all mobile devices or a standard best guess setting?


Default port is 23554, so the unchanged settings for local playback should be localhost:23554

For local playback, using “localhost”, “” or any valid interface IP should work completely identical. (except for when you are using a weirdly configured firewall …)

For remote playback you need the IP of the device, which works differently for every single one of course.


Thanks @Liquid! - for those wondering exactly:

Example = watching DEOVR on a smartphone connected to Scriptplayer

Say your smartphone IP is

In Scriptplayer Settings => Player => DEOVR IP:port box enter this exactly:

Should say connected!


Ok I don’t really know how it’s possible but I did the same manipulation as the last time and now it’s ok. I am connected to DEO VR! … Really thanks for the explications…
BUT nothing happens then … I drag my video and script files into ScriptPlayer and nothing. In the VR headset (quest2) in “local files” I only have the files present in the headset that appear but I do not have access to the content of the pc (where the videos and scripts files are) Any idea? Do I have to go through whirligig to stream into the headset?
Thanks guys !
Oh just one precision my PC is wired with an ethernet cable et my headset is just in wifi…I don’t know if it’s important or not.

hey im having trouble trying to get the Buttplug/Initface to install any tips

Looks like you are trying DLNA (streaming PC videos to your wireless headset) look for ‘DLNA’ tips in the guide here: Interactive Sex Toy Scripts Complete Help Guide (Kiiroo,Vorze,Handy,Lovense)) - SLR community forum for the best VR porn videos**

or join SLR discord and as for more personal help there: Discord

Should be straight forward default installation - is it stuck anywhere in particular?

Yeah, the process bar gets about a third of the way filled then just stops.

Not sure why it would do that
-When in doubt - restart PC - then try again, and see if a popup prompt isnt hiding somewhere thats waiting for you to click on it?
-Try a new download of latest Initface
-Try Right clicking install file and then ‘Running as Administrator’ or install any where not on C:?

Thx for the help finally got it to work !!

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what was the trick in case others get stuck?

When i start the video on my smartphone in deovr the script should be in the same folder on the phone and instructions are sended to scriptplayer right ?

Yes, and named exactly the same - if it says DEOVR connected on scriptplayer, then Scriptplayer should be able to see the script on your phone

hi, I need help please ahah

Okey I have an oculus go with deo Vr on this oculus go I have in the movie folder my 3 VR videos with the same name on the funscript files also in the movies video. The connetion with scriptplayer on my laptop is ok. it say deovr connected. My launch is connected also to scriptplayer. But when I start the video, I can see the timebar move on scriptplayer at the same timecode where the video is but no mouvement. Also the “heatmap” stay black in scriptplayer. I think the script is not going from the oculus to scriptplayer but I dont know why Any one can help me ? @Realcumber

well it work when i load manualy the script on my laptop but I think it’s note the way it should be down

sounds like your script is not properly matched with the video filename

Remove any special characters, and try renaming the the video and script to something like:


Yep I tryied to rename the files and vid1.funscript but nothing