How to make the most of your first time?

I am new here. I will get the opportunity to print the last part of my osr2 and I’m off to the races! (the rest of the build is done, just waiting on more filament)

I am seeking some advice from you folks on the other side of your first time. I have seen posts of people getting their minds absolutely blown. (amongst other things, ba dum tss) I would like to know how to make the most of my first experience.

My plan is to start with this amazing Shaiden Rogue scene:

Any tips appreciated!

Also I made my first short script today in OFS using the frame by frame method, if it interests you, please give advice or feedback:

Moving forward, mostly any script I create will be femdom related.

Thank you for your time. P.S. all of the help articles here are top notch, great community.

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Hey there, welcome welcome. I’m going to suggest that the first thing you do actually is find a script that’s fairly slow but is multi-axis as then you can use said script to setup the limits of your OSR2 well and enjoy the script at the time without risk of injury to yourself. An example script of one that could seriously hurt if your device limits aren’t setup correctly although really rocks if they are setup right is: Ultimate TikTok PMV 2 by FootFanatic514
A script that I believe will do it while being slow is this: Serina’s Tongue and Pussy Edge Play although the multi-axis scripts were added by different commenters so you’ll have to look through those for all of them.
Additionally I suggest using Multifunplayer as to myself I found it to be the most suited to my needs but that’s me presuming that you don’t have a player already in mind.

Finally with script making I suggest you look at @Falafel 's topics on or of them scripting: Managing Stroke Speed and Using Motion Tracking generator along with finally a time lapse of them scripting away hope this all helps as this is all what comes to my head first when I think about my start and what would have been useful to know.


I definitely want to call out that just like sex, your first time may not be your best time. There is a lot of tuning, limit setting, etc. that the OSR2 is capable of.

Don’t get your expectations too high, and take the tuning/setup slow. Once you get it dialed in, it will be amazing every single time.


Thank you! This is exactly the advice I was seeking. I will, in fact, use that break-in script (cant tell you how many times Ive seen the MHBHJ comps… exhibit A - my username lol).

I have MFP set up and seems to be controlling my device as I would expect. I love that there is so much open-source software surrounding this tech.

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Oh yeah MHBHJ are good but very difficult to script well due to some of them requiring deciding to track mouth or hands in addition to try to have the movements be registered although they are so slow. Especially if you are doing multi-axis as that’s from what I understand like doing several scripts just to get one done.

Which also as I personally feel multi-axis scripts have a high skill ceiling resulting in it being very easy to feel like a script is not doing well enough despite the amount of time you put into it. So be careful with scripts you get as those that blow you mind can easily raise your standards to where it hurts your future script making or hunts.

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