Lustbound JOI-Demo v1.1 [2022] | [PC / Web] SexToy Support & More

This is very nice and I could even only test the WebGL version on my Android. I second a lot of the feedback on more intensity (even when only looking at the demo without my Handy connected) but I’m sure you’ll get that sorted out, once you focus more on the gameplay.

I’d also totally be interested in an Android or Linux (or fully working WebGL version fwiw) as I don’t have any Windows system.

Same here with me.
I connect the Keon for just 6 seconds and it’s disconnects automatically.

Any solutions?

Could you try to keep the device close to the connection origin? We had a few cases where the bluetooth connection died, since the device was too far away.

It is really near. Using the Intface itself it works nice, on videos for example.

Yeah putting it near also didn’t solve the problem for me. Maybe something with the bluetooth settings?

Tried this out today and it was really great, excited to see what gets added in the future. The only feedback I could give is the fastest speed isn’t fast enough for me.