More clear separation between sponsored or company related posts?

I made an account just to bitch about this realcumber dude. All he fucking does is astroturf everywhere he goes. He shits up the handy hub website with his 2-minute ads for his videos, he spams affiliate links to shit, everywhere I go I see this dude trying to extract money from other peoples sites, it’s crazy.


Do you have a link to support it? Sounds made up.

But I agree, whenever anything related to strokers comes up we see a realcumber’s post about it, so he can make a quick buck. And before his fanboys come up trying to justify it - no, it’s different than posting affiliate links under your scripts. It’s an ad, not a post and it should be treated like that @hugecat.

Maybe add a rule that force people like this to add a big, red text saying: sponsored article. I wouldn’t be surprised if he got the toys for free so he can advertise it here.

Same goes for SLR videos, why we need to see a post about every single new script on their site? They have their own site and you have to pay money to improve servers so they can advertise here (and the posts usually contain a shit ton of images).


They make money off of scripting/porn site subs. Of course they’re going to advertise. It’s relatively harmless. The day we kick people like doublevr and realcumber off this site is the day it dies. I’d dare say they have contributed more to this hobby than you guys have (so far!).


Just ban affiliate links, they don’t do anyone any good. This place is about talking about your hobby and sharing scripts, not making a buck with referral links.


Yes, it fits the Keon despite its vertical chamber, and there is no upper housing obstruction on the OSR/SR6 so should fit perfectly fine

Not every product is a winner at Kiiroo, but this one is for sure worth a try I would say

Im genuinely sorry you feel that way - I actually didnt think my posts were that intrusive, especially compared to the sheer volume of other paid posts out there

But I’m also surprised you feel that way because you aren’t being forced to buy anything - there is no additional charge, in fact you get discounts if you do use my links, much like how all affiliate linking has always worked and hence why its mentioned

I spend the time to make posts, and give headsup when I think it could help guys find a deal.
Yes it can help me with a small fraction of returns, but again, its entirely optional

I was a fellow community member long before many of you were, contributed a ton behind the scenes and still do

If you would rather support larger companies directly instead of grassroots community members like myself, than by all means, feel free to ignore such posts and support the companies instead direct at the source

I just hope you don’t just expect all adult related content to be free and show support in the adult industry whenever you can

When you mention ‘"handy hub’", are you referring to If so, Im confused on what spam you are referring to?

My only link is to the actual video itself - maybe you are confusing mine with all the other affilliate links everywhere else that are all the site creators own?

Its a great site and the but it literally only exists and continues to do so because of affiliate linking (despite its legal grey area content)

Anything to help avoid potentially upsetting users who may think otherwise of my posts, but thats why I mentioned they were affiilate links

I actually buy most of my toys as I was and still am an enthusiast like most of you are here, and probably spent thousands to date on trying almost every toy out there

I personally would love to know whenever a new toy comes out and would be more than happy to support anyone who informed me about it, especially if it provided a discount and I had direct questions about it

Thanks for that comment @sanchorg
I think there are alot more serious concerns than just linking on ES
I think @hugecat has done a great job of balancing everything out thus far, all things considered


Have you tried his scripts? They’re out of this world. Lol.
Worth every penny. Don’t be a dick.


while I don’t know if that’s a good idea or not, that’s a tricky one. People and small groups sell their own scripts or devices, and full blown companies as well. Where do you draw the line between these things? Where does it go from being okay to not okay?

Also this is getting off topic. I will come back and split this out into another thread in the next day. But if another mod or power user can do it in the meantime, go ahead

moved it to a new topic

I mean there is an obvious difference between companies and their employees and people unrelated to those. I would love to have a filter for company posts cause then there would a lot less ads on this site. Then there are other people that promote their download site in every other topic, it gets flagged, but no action taken at all (and the poster doesnt even answer questions). Thanks for the split.

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Really? People get mad because of one affiliated post a month? Maybe I’m exception but I don’t feel like we are getting flooded with these posts.


I think this is an overreaction. I’ve seen SLR do some sketchy shit over the years and as a group they have the potential to have an adverse impact to the forum. But from what I’ve seen over the last year, they’re respectful and have an overall positive impact here. I don’t feel like any overt advertising they do is too much and if nothing else, it’s good to keep an eye out for which models are being featured and whatnot.

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Agree lol. If anyone thinks ads are bad here, they should stay off literally everywhere else on the internet. These people aren’t posting ads for stupid shit like Acai berries. They’re posting ads about things related to our hobby. I hope they make a lot of money and succeed, as I hope any of us in this community would.


There are folks who promote their stuff and I’m mostly okay with that.

How about a tag for sponsored/company/affiliate/promotion posts? Then users can just filter them out if they want to.

HandyAlexander and DoubleVR (for example) have tagged their users as Company. Don’t know if you can use that to filter posts. However, these two post a lot of non-promotional stuff as well that might be of interest.

It is also possible to ignore individual users in your profile preferences if you notice that some users are too intrusive.

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Just throwing my two cents in since this is a fairly small community and I think that most of us are good people and especially the top contributors. I am not a big spender by any means and sincerely appreciate the people who selflessly pump out scripts for us to enjoy for free. While I cannot say anything specific regarding Realcumber on this or any other site, I think that really says all I need to. I frequent this site almost daily if only for a few minutes at a time and cannot think of one instance I thought anybody here that was trying to make a buck for their hard ass work was over the top or annoying or taking advantage of this community. I hope that you stick around this site for a bit and just enjoy it and get to know some folks. Ive never felt unwelcomed here even if I don’t really participate as much as I probably should. Its a good group of people, and some of them have made this hobby a living and are trying to support themselves with it. Nothing wrong with that. It was mentioned before, but you can filter the posts you see pretty specifically. Block it if you dont like it.



I don’t really mind the advertising as long as it is not super intrusive, I did blocked a reddit user named doublevr because he was trying to sell something SLR related every day in the porn VR threads I joined and also reported him like a couple of times.

Does SLR at least pay for the servers this community is running on or they get to do free advertisement for the company they working for since they are members for a long time?

If they would make a separate section of this community just for ads I assume it wouldn’t generate the traffic these people need to make a buck with their referral and affiliate links.

Hugecat (the site admin) paid for the server from his own pocket until maybe a year ago when he set up a Patron so that ES members can contribute. That enabled him to boost the site performance by increasing the virtual server specifications that ES is running on.

We allow people from companies (like doublevr from SLR or HandyAlexandar from Ohdoki who make the Handy) to post on the site in a professional capacity because they’re part of this community too! Obviously the primary reason they’re here is to promote (directly or indirectly) their products/services, but that doesn’t mean that their contributions don’t have value :slight_smile:

The hobbyist-funscripting community exists within a larger ecosystem of connected sex toys, and I personally think that it’s good to have people from all over that ecosystem here!


Your a good scripter and have no doupt done a lot for the community. Regarding faptap I do find it a little overkill. SLR is already a pretty well known vr site.and gets advertised on banners the 2 minute videos are kinda just a waste I’m note here for a teaser I’m here for user content. I mean at the end of the day your not doing any harm it’s just annoying. Just wanted to pitch in. Keep up the good work