Motion Tracking Funscript Generator v0.4.x

ahhhh I see it definitely was the points I already had before it. opened up a new instance of a blank funscript and it started no problem. thank you!

I was having the same alert as Midevil when I tried to make multiaxis tracks using more than one tracker, but I just tried it again using two trackers per person and it worked. The high/low limit request after tracking looks odd, but I’m figuring it out. The two trackers make the accuracy of roll tracking much better, but the local min/max set interface after tracking which uses pink lines to show both tracking positions is what was throwing me off cause the if the girls head rolls to the side while up at the tip in a bj, the top point on her forehead is at it’s lowest point even though she’s at the tip.

Dang that girls got some big titties! :heart_eyes:

good old mia

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Just tried out this tool, wow.

Hello I just recently tried this tool and it was great. It was working about a week ago or so, but now after creating the box that will be tracked I get a pop up saying that the “program crashed due to a fatal error.” As I don’t have much programming experience I am unsure of what the issue is or how to fix it. Any suggestions?

Send me the log file as a private message so that I can see where the problem occurs.

hey quick question how do i get the option that says stop tracking at next existing point
all i have is enable logging and enable multiaxis

@fry13 should now be available with the new release v0.4.1

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Hi everybody.

I am finding my way with this software. I have 2D working fine, but everytime i try to work with a VR vid, the MT screen goes really small and i cant seem to find a setting anywhere?

I have the vid shown SBS 180 on funscript. Its when i have gone past the Start MTFG that it goes super zoomed in. The tracking quickly exits the frame?


I had to have “left panel” selected on Funscripts and it worked! :slight_smile:

Hi, could I use this software to automate a script for a video with a beat bar (cock hero)?

the tool randomly stopped working for me I made 0 changes to my software.

to be clear when I press start MTFG it shows the kill option for a second and then goes back to start with nothing changing.

edit: these errors are also now happening on videos where the extension worked in the past.

edit2: reinstalling fixed everything. kept a copy if my logs in case they are needed for development.

I think your best bet would be to use a lua and try to find a mod where you can generate a set of points via matching BPM? If you did that as a base, and then amended them to suit the strengths you need…that would a good way of working a CH vid.