MultiFunPlayer v1.22.0 - Multi axis funscript player - Now with SLR Interactive support

You probably didnt start the server in intiface.

I did start intiface

In intiface click “server status” → “start server”

I already did that buddy

Ok buddy then explain fully what you did, starting intiface is different from starting the server in intiface.
Check that both intiface and multifunplayer use the same port (default 12345), and that in multifunplayer the ip is set to
If that doesnt work then its your antivirus/firewall blocking it.

I was thinking, is it possible to integrate emby as a player into this? Either that or maybe vlc - the mediacenter/ dlna feature in vlc is pretty nice… this way you dont need to navigate the windows explorer to find the video.

Background being, that jav librarys are organized in folders with nfo files n stuff and navigating this is a nightmare in the windows explorer.

I’m pretty sure Plex and Emby use mpv as their player, so you should be able to just create a mpv.conf file somewhere on your pc and add input-ipc-server=multifunplayer-mpv line. Read where to create that file for emby and it will allow mfp to connect.

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I will check that out, thanks a bunch !

I got it to work !
Though i guess the automatic script selection in mfp is not working anymore since it’s a stream and it does not know where to look for the funscript right?

Yea, if its playing a stream and not the file directly then there is no way of knowing what file it is actually playing.

You could use path modifiers and map stream urls to file paths with find/replace. There is a shortcut for that to the left of the play/pause button, but you will have to do this for each file. That is assuming that the stream url will be unique for each file and that it will not change on server restart.

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Been building an SR6 and it seems just about ready today after troubleshooting with your software - thanks! Having seen the machine in action I’m very excited about my upgrade :smiley:

I just have a question about script hosting: I’ve always used DeoVR since I found this community a couple of years back, and with the advent of Naughty America’s scripts, I’ve found that if I couple it with Scriptplayer, and set the script host to I can use all my downloaded files including the Naughty America script token things, as well as all my files and scripts from elsewhere and SLR online. However now that I’m switching over to the SR6 I won’t be able to use the Naughty America scripts on it at all as far as I’m aware (other than scripts obtained elsewhere such as here and Realsync).

Is there any chance that you could add this hosting functionality to MFP, or is there even a way to daisy-chain with Scriptplayer and DeoVR to allow this? There are stories that POVR are bringing out a similar sub model to NAVR too so it might become an increasingly big deal. Thanks.

Another new reply - MFP has completely stopped working for me? When I double click it it just doesn’t appear. I tried downloading a slightly earlier version and unpacked it elsewhere - it popped up but couldn’t find the SR6. This all started when I tried to access it via the virtual desktop on my Rift S. Anyone experienced similar or know how to get past this problem? I still haven’t had a chance to use my SR6 for more than a few seconds. Would be most grateful for any help, thanks.

Update .net desktop runtime to latest: Download .NET 6.0 Desktop Runtime (v6.0.9) - Windows x64 Installer
Or alternatively you can use the self-contained versions have it prepackaged.

Windows should show you a dialog to update .net, but they broke it.

No idea, if it doesnt show up in device manager then I cant really do much from MFP.

Not exactly sure what you are asking for, can you clarify?

Are NAVR scripts in different format?
Why would you need hosting?
Why do you want to connect scriptplayer with MFP?

If there are other “script streaming” subscriptions similar to SLR i might add support for them in the future depending on complexity.

Hey man, thanks for getting back to me here and on the Discord. I’ve gone into the mfp not working on there, but I’ll continue with the scripts hosting business here if you don’t mind?

Yes, very much so. The ‘funscripts’ you can download from them are actually tokens, tiny 1 or 2kb files which connect to the full scripts which are hosted on, and streaming from there (the scripts themselves are ‘streaming’ despite my having the downloaded video file on my PC).

That’s who provide the scripts to Naughty America, and they host them there

Well, this was in case you were unable/unwilling to redirect to in the same way that scriptplayer allows. I wondered if there was some way to simply connect to scriptplayer while that continues to redirect to the host on as an alternative method

Yes the word is that POVR will be heading in the same direction to minimise script piracy, possibly even at the same host.


Can you post/dm me one such script/file?

That doesn’t really minimize script piracy unless they support only the handy.

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if timestamp server is removed from deovr/slr, wouldnt that prevent one from using the OSR/SR6 with SLR premium?

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For those wondering where this concern originates:

It depends on what will they remove.

If they just remove the remote control api/timestamp server, but leave the script streaming api then I will still be able to get the necessary data from the script streaming api as iirc it also provides a video name and timestamp.

If they remove everything then yes, but it might be still possible to patch/mod custom code that will act as the old code, or even do memory reading kinda like cheat engine. Script streaming would have to work via unofficial api then so they will be big mad.

Easiest way to keep it working would be to just not update deovr/slr.
It will work as long as deovr can access their api to get the scripts.
If they remove scripts from the api altogether then there will be no way for it to work anymore.

Given the results of this pool: Interactive sex toy usage poll they are probably going full the handy support and you also wont be able to download/buy scripts from their website soon.


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