Oculus Quest 2 - DeoVR crash

Just want to point out that this have been working for months with no issue until this week.

When I connect DeoVR and ScriptPlayer remotely with my Quest 2 it crashes.
I get an error that says that DeoVR keeps stopping.

DeoVR on itself works fine, ScriptPlayer works fine too, but as soon as I connect them and start a video it crashes. Doesn’t matter if handy is connected or not. Any ideas why? I’ve tried and reinstalled both softwares and I feel that I have gone through most settings. Also DLNA isn’t an option for me since a month or two back, did they remove it again?

I’m on a Quest 2. Works fine for me if I’m using the cable and have DeoVR open in Quest Link. Crashes for me if I’m connecting Script Player over wifi to the DeoVR app directly installed on the Quest. I’m guessing something in a new update broke it.

I figured it out. Before you connect the 2, open a video and sisable Android Overlay in the video settings. Make sure you do this every time you open the app because it doesn’t save that shit and keeps turning on.


Thanks! Will check this out when I get home from work. Is this in the deovr settings on the oculus?

Yeah, I used airlink and deovr with steamvr instead of the oculus app. Hopefully it get fixed soon or your method works for me too

Play any video, hit the settings button, uncheck Android Overlay. Have to do this every time you open the app.

Can confirm this solves it. So obscure, well done finding it!

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