OSR2 & SR6(Sex Robots) |Sale Extended Through Sunday 12/10| Code: BLACKFRIDAYSALE15 (15% off and Free Sleeve Adapter - Over $100 in savings!)|| Best VR Experience

Site was down.

It is back up now.

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Black Friday sale ends Sunday 12/5

Just bought a preassembled SR6. Excited to use it after building my own OSR2+.
Is there a current wait time for it getting shipped?

We are holding steady at 3 weeks.

Between the holiday and getting sick I have not been able to reduce lead time.

But at least it has not gotten longer.,

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Just thought I’d leave this here in case you want to include some SR6 emulator visuals as well :blush:


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Fantastic! Thanks for the response! :slight_smile:

Extending sale through the end of the week.

I will also be adding some reviews to this post. I will continue to add reviews over time.

I use more than one way of collecting reviews so some reviews will have a star rating some wont.

Seems like there are a lot of people who have been on the fence or concerned regarding making a purchase. I aim to set concerns at ease.

L. K. left the following 5 star review for the product SR6 by TempestMAx- Six Degrees of Freedom, Order #2147

its loud…


took me a week or so to learn things about the SR6 but i got things figured out some now and its rather just getting better and better.

like to share a few notes and tips for others. 1st… go to Tempest max throw him a few bux for his creations and then find and download the Tcode. 2nd… look up and download “joyfunplayer” on your …PC… use the Red icon in the folder. run that and then…3rd… plug in the usb cord, wait a min, then plug in the power cord. and then… 4th… run the DeoVR app. put your scripts and videos together in the Quest2. login to SLR.COM. go to your fresh scripted videos in your local folder. and boom. bam…SPLAT… lol… you are good to go :slight_smile:

i figured someone would appreciate that todo list all put together for them. suxt figuring it out. hopefully it makes someones new SR6 a more plug and play device. oh and of course…get some multi axis scripts. you likely gonna want scripts that are at least 300 in speed. anything less is rather too slow and the pauses suck. im currently looking for scripts that really use the full range of motion. like during the entire scrip, not just a little here and there.

sides that stuff. im glad i upped my game from the Keon lol…

oh and i made a L shaped wood mount for the device. with 1x6 inch wood. then padded it some to make it comfortable. nothing specail at all, just an L and lay it down, mount the device to the short side and add another board if it needs more weight to calm down the bouncing. nice super simple mount build tip. lastly…remember…DO NOT CHOOSE 1 DAY DELIVER… because reguardless, the devices are made on demand. so it could take up to 2 weeks for yours to get built and put in the mail to you. i learned that the bad way lol… so save the $40 dollars…put it towards one of the add on instead. like the adding the twist module to your build order. thats what i would of done if i knew about the 1 day deliver thing.

next im looking into how i can silence it safely, safely, mean, the silencer i make for it, doesn’t interfear with the robots arm movement. after i make it quiter, i’ll be 1000% satifieds. the motor niose over comes your videos, audio a good deal. other than that. the movement and strangth, speed. its al top knotch, major upgrade from a Kirro Keon…HANDS DOWN.

lastly…thank you Hobbies customized. awesome. i love it! :slight_smile:

This is great, it really shows how the SR6 can replicate grinding motions.

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