OSR2/SR6 works with SexLikeReal now

Make sure to get the latest SLR App or DeoVR app as we are adding OSR2/SR6 support.

It works with all the SLR Interactive scripts yet we are adding multi-axis scripts support with upcoming updates.

Open Haptics tab from the settings to switch between T-Code/OSR, Handy and Haptics Connect.
Enjoy play/pause script, edging mode, playback speed and range settings (regular & edging).

As OSR2/SR6 work via USB with Windows devices only it will only work with your desktops. Once it gets WiFi we will make it work with Quest and Pico headsets as well.

Contact @Kieshi at elena@sexlikereal.com to get your multi-axis scripts uploaded on SLR.


Ah so the headset has to be via USB as well as the SR6/OSR2?

It has to be Windows connected headset.

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Ah shame, thanks