Question about scripting preferences and a general THANK YOU

First of all, THANKS SO VERY MUCH FOR ALL THE TIME FOR SCRIPTING SOME GREAT VIDS! I don’t feel I thank enough. You guys are doing great work. And thanks for maintaining such a great website where people can share their work for others to enjoy.
Also, I was wondering how some prefer their scripts. I think it could help in future scripting for many. Do you guys prefer or not filler? I know it is really up to the scripter, but…I was curious.
For instance, I am looking at scripting a Dominno vid…and as of a few minutes…there is NO action. WHO WANTS TO WAIT THAT LONG??? Especially for Dominno…
Another I am working on is a fucking machine with Tori Black. If I waited until the action started, then people would be hitting the concession stand. It doesn’t get started until 8-10 mins in.
Any feedback on the subject would be great. If it has already been addressed, I apologize.
Keep up the good work and UP THE IRONS!!


Honestly I don’t mind the empty gaps at the start, lets me warm up both myself, the sleeve and the lube.

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thanks for the feedback. It is a preference thing, i guess. Gaps do rev up toward the action.

I use ScriptPlayer and it has the option to fill gaps. So I prefer that the scripts keep any movement to the action, then I can change the settings to fit what I prefer at the time.

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I can only chime in in what has been said. Don’t add filler! Players and tools can do that for those who want it. If you still really want to add it to your script, then script without and add it after the script is completed and release both versions. Some want the filler, but many don’t because it breaks the immersion in the case of VR.

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Yep - totally agree. Small fillers to gap 10/20 seconds are ok, but several minute long fillers where nothing happens in the video either are unnecessary.


thanks all

I usually skip gaps if they are too long or if I think I don’t need a break. If the view is nice I sometimes also manually overwrite the script action in HandyControl until the script continues.

I always appreciate warm up strokes anytime there’s a long gap. If a chick’s swinging her tits in my face, I would like some stimulation as if I was touching myself while she tells me how she plans to service my cock. You know, sometimes you want to make sure you’re “staying interested.”

My biggest frustration though is when the finish is too weak. I like to try to time it so that I bust at the same time as the dick on screen. Sometimes at that moment the action on screen is either too weak, stops too quickly, or the best part is watching her show off the big load she’s about to swallow… for instance. At the moment of nut, immersion no longer matters to me.

duly noted. thanks, burt! :wink:

I would really like to see more action synced pmvs rather than music synced. Also cock hero vids with actions synced sections would be fantastic! Maybe we could get a new tag made for Action-pmv? That way it’s easier to find pmvs that have synced action in them. Thanks!