Question. Does anyone know if the lovense sex machine does in fact work with scripts?

Just that question

Short answer NO.

long answer the lovesense sex machine is like a hismith machine, they cannot adjust the stroke length during use, or go in reverse, it has to always finish the a full stroke. Theorethicaly they could be driven by a script and adjust the speed of the stroke according to the speed of the script, but not the length of the stroke. I know buttplug was trying to implement “hismith sex machine” but as far as i know it hasnt happened yet.

I believer I saw a post awhile back for a program on here that will convert scripts for the live sense vibrations. Check the software/mod section. The post may have been someone was working on that, but maybe they finished it

This is correct. We’re working on implementations for both the Lovense and Hismith machines in Buttplug right now, but there’s no positional control, only “power” (it’s not even speed, it’s literally power to the motor, speed will vary based on what the machine is thrusting into), so it’s not going to really be accurate to video movements. Not only that, mapping to what is normally vibration will be pretty jank. We might try to build smoothing algorithms for this, but that’ll take a while.

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good to hear your still working on it, it will be a lot easier to make stuff for it then through their app.

Hey everyone! I have created this extension for OpenFunscripter to make it way easier to convert funscript patterns into power level variations suitable for any rotary fuck machine, such as the Hismith lineup or the Lovense Sex Machine. Feel free to check out this extension and please help spread the word about it!