Request/Suggestion to hide tags

I’m fairly new to the forums and this community and something I’ve been wanting to see ever since I first got here is the ability to filter out tags.

I’m one of those people that can’t stand hentai for example, and I would love to be able to filter out hentai and animation etc from the topics so that if I go to “latest scripts”, I can simply uncheck those tags to hopefully not have to see them and thus more easily be able to find scripts I actually do like. I’m sure others would appreciate this too, for whatever tag they would like to hide.

If this is already implemented and I am simply just blind, please feel correct me.

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Same topic?


Oh, thank you! I found lots of topics via that thread that might actually do what I requested!
Sorry if this was a double post!

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Also when you go to your user preferences there is a “tags” tab where you can mute tags you don’t want to see and they won’t appear on the frontpage.


Oh wow, that’s a huge QoL actually!
Thank you Husky!

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