Review: Woojer Edge Strap with scripts

So, i’ve been using a Woojer strap edge in my crotch region with scripts/launch.

To do so i used an external soundcard to red line bass boost the audio on a EQ before it reached the Woojer with the audio on max, then adjusted the audio down on the woojer to the lowest volume. What resulted was moaning/talking was translated in the device, to such an extent if i cranked up the woojer, i could hear the moan via the rattle in the device which sounded like the woojer itself was talking, the vibrations were ‘talking’ when the actors did.

Any of the cock hero videos are cool bass boosted with a woojer strapped around your waist and above your cock. These devices could really be a good match with current tech, having a woojer strap in your lower region in harmony with scripts could be a genuine enhancement, if somebody designed a kind of “crotch matt” with a hole in it made of multiple of these it’d be novel if sync with say cowgirl. My tests with cock hero have been really positive experiences and allow me to follow the video better. Also any of the community made music video content is pretty cool. But i don’t have the technical ability or smarts to make anything non musical too meaningful.

Anyway, that’s my review.


I am curious how these work. Are they just vibrator-like speakers or what are called shakers when attached to furniture? Does it use air to transmit the vibrations or direct contact?

Most curious because I have a stereo speaker system with speakers driving attachments to myself. With stereo attached to certain parts of me binaural beats files on YT can be amazing! The problem is mounting, connection, and weight. I wondered if this would work for my kink?

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