Script for automatically synchronizing video clips to music

I have developed a script which can be used to synchronize video clips to music using funscripts.
This should automate one of the most labor-intensive tasks when creating FapHero / CockHero / PMVs: GitHub - AffablePerv/mediatools

You need:

  • a .funscript file of your final video (FapHero / CockHero / PMV)
  • a video clip which you want to sync and loop to your final video
  • a .funscript file of the video clip

You can then generate a synchronized video clip like this:

./ warpClip /path/to/reference/funscript /path/to/video/clip.mp4 /path/to/video/clip.funscript /path/to/output/file.mp4

Anyone who wants to contribute / improve is welcome to join in on GitHub. I may not log in often, so an answer might take a while.


can you do a video tutorial or somthing im hekin dumb lol

Interested in this too! But never did anything with Python yet.