Selling Sr6 in Europe

Selling my basically new SR6 it just isn’t for me, I bought it pre built from M0saic, it works perfectly fine and I used 4 to 5 times but i just don’t like it.
It’s the base model i’m asking 400 and the shipping (in EU) it’s included

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could you write the price and send a picture of it? where is it locally? Thanks in advance for your help!


Hello, getting it from M0saic costed me 463+ 120 ish for import tax, i have a spare servo because in shipping one servo broke i guess, i have all the discord chats with M0saic or you could actually ask him directly for the whole deal.
It now works flawlessy but i just don’t like it, i feel like it’s overwhelming tbh.
I think 400 euros and we could agree on something for shipping, you can bargain but price is firm, i ordered it the 20 of December and got it after a month, fixed it the third of February and used something like 4 or 5 times.

thanks, but it’s out of date, I bought one this morning

If you bought a base model like mine i will suggest you to take mine tbh, if you’re lucky maybe you will skip customs…
Best of luck though!

thank you, but I bought a used one from eu

No problems mate, do you mind telling me what version and how much did you pay for it? So i can have a guideline at least