Shrift Ero Collection

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New to eroscripts

No scripts on any of the videos, hope somone can change that

That’s not how things work on here. For this there is the request area (which as a newcommer you wont have access to make requests). Those are all pretty short videos so could do the community a favour and script them yourself? : ) Just a suggestion.

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Where and how do i script videos?

How do i get access to make requests?

Want to know how all of this works

Also remember that people who make Free Scripts do that for fun,in their own freetime, and they scripts videos they like themself most of the time, so keep that in mind.

Also see the thread made by @hugecat :



Ima se what i can put togheter


Take your time mate. You will see how much work that can be. And welcome to the community.


Made one for a while ago.

1920x1080 - SHRIFT Barghest ( DEVIL’S OFFICE ) - HENTAITREND.COM.funscript (116.5 KB)

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Thanks! :sunglasses:

Just fyi SHRIFT II had official support for VORZE products. I’ve not tried it though, so not sure about the compatibility with other toys.

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Never heard of that brand and was interested. Not after seeing the price tag though lol. Shame, because it looks great.

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They’re not worth getting imo. Cyclone is at least interesting in its form factor, whilst Piston just have very limiting hardware.

But if the game uses things like Iniface to bridge connection it may work with other mainstream stroker toys such as the Handy and Launch.

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