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Site wide rules

These rules are for the protection of both this site and our users.

Only upload your own scripts

Do not upload scripts that you did not create. Link to existing posts instead.

Types of links allowed

You can link to material hosted on another platform if we can redirect any takedown requests or legal issues to them. (eg. pornhub, mega)

Do not link to material hosted by an individual (eg. seedbox) or a peer to peer site (eg. torrents).

Do not actively push other users towards torrented content or torrent sites.

Technically this site only hosts user uploaded script files and images/gifs. Copyright holders should direct their requests to other sites actually hosting content. However we will still try to respect take-down requests where appropriate.

Loli/Shotacon content must be titled and tagged

Any topic that contains Loli/Shotacon etc. must be tagged as such and clearly identified in the title of the topic. No real child pornography is allowed.

Videos containing illegal or non-consensual content are not permitted

Regarding legality, this can be a difficult one because different locations have different laws and laws can change over time. We will do our best to handle these cases as they pop up.
So a (non-exhaustive) list of things not allowed:

  • revenge / non-consensual porn
  • child pornography
  • deep fakes

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