Solution for playing a video on Mega?

Just wondering if a solution has been found for this problem yet? I have a bunch of videos on Mega with a funscript and I’m travelling with a laptop. I’d like to play these videos without downloading them to the local laptop. Any solution to this problem yet?
I did some research and I can’t find much.

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Youre trying to bypass the streaming limit? Or you want to play the video and funscript from mega? I can direct you on how to do the former and as for the latter i havent seen a solution for it yet.

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I’m interested in how to bypass the stream limit? Ive downloaded a VPN and I disconnect/reconnect to various VPNs so I can keep downloading but I’m not sure this is the most effective. I have a burner megaupload account but I don’t sign in while I download.
Could you explain your workaround?
Thanks in advance!!

Download this. Cloudflare Warp. Its cloudflares VPN type program. Its better than a VPN sometimes i even forget I have it turned on. I usually will hit a limit with my main account then just turn on warp and am fine for however long. In some cases you will have to go take another step which would be downloading this Megasync Its mega’s official desktop app/sync. Combine this with Warp and you should be good to go. Both those links are offial websites. cloudflare’s is just and megasync is Desktop App - MEGA.

Thank you so much. I miss out o so much content because avoid mega due to this issue. I’ll try this and see how it goes. Do you pay for your Mega so you can store your stuff on it or import to download? Considering if it’s worth just paying for the lowest one.
Thanks again!

Well, i plead the 5th lol, there are other free options if you want to store to it. You can use something like stashapp which is your own private server in a sense (although youd need to on your pc), or you can go with any other number of file sharing websites i use pixeldrain a lot too. I dunno, i’m really good with computers and tend to find workarounds or weak code in some form but I definitely think supporting a creator or developer is a good thing. Its a double edged sword I guess. Maybe give me the product and then have it be so good that I am compelled to pay would be a better direction. Mega is not bad either, generally fast and reasonable limits. So if youre in the position too spend the money then for sure

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The latter. I have all the downloaded videos on Mega along with the funscripts. But not local to my laptop.

Have you ever thought about a virtual desktop?

For example: