syncXplayer : Play Interactive Videos Simply! (Preview Version V0.3.5 , Quest2 supported.)

Yes! The local scripts will be supported in upcoming version.

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Click on the “script icon” in the top right corner will open a drawer , where you can find information about the currently used script and other scripts that might match. It actually supports searching by title , if the script is available in the database.

And for playing local videos:

  1. Is the time displayed at the top bar sync with the video?
  2. Is it specific to a certain script, like high-speed script? Can other scripts work?

Support local scripts.

Download :

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very nice only way to make it better would be make it automatic search for automated scripts too. You dont happen to have a github for this do you that people can request features?

In fact, when the webpage title changes, the software automatically searches for scripts in the database of, but this is limited by the database itself.

If online script matching fails, you can manually search by keywords or use local script.

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V0.3.5 For Android:

It supports Android now! You can try it on Android phone or your Quest2 …

It’s only a perview version , can’t play local video in your phone yet , but online videos and scripts are running.

(It requires bluetooth permission for discovering nearby devices.)

If you run into any problems,please let me know anytime.