Two Handy's for sale for parts

I have two handy’s. One just gets a red/white flashing light and wont move. The other wont power on. I also have two power supplys. Located in Sacramento, CA.
My heat went out one full weekend and it dropped under freezing. After that, they wouldn’t work again. No idea why.

Any reasonable offers plus shipping considered. I’d rather just not contribute to the garbage in the world.

How old are they and how often were they used. I’m more interested in the mechanical bits over the electronics so I wonder what kind of shape those are in. Lastly what do you want for them plus shipping? I’m in PA. I know what I read about reasonable offers but what do u feel is reasonable? Obviously plus USPS with tracking I’d gladly pay for that.



I pulled them apart and they both look fine. All the gears seem to spin. I think both of these have electrical issues. I think condensation froze on them, and then messed up the electronics.

How about $30 and you pay for shipping?

sold. i replied to your private message