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Unreal Engine and Handy Interworking Possibility?

It might be awkward to use a translator.
I ask for your understand.

Games such as virt-a-mate and koikatsu are linked to Handy.

I want to script a game called operate lovecraft.

I’d like to ask you if it’s practically possible.
Thank you

Though its out of realm of my knowledge, I really hope someone mods the Handy to work with Project Lovecraft since it has activated scenes like in Koikatsu. The animation and model work on this game is insane

It depends entirely on the devs. If they’re added mod support to the game, then it should theoretically be possible (depending on how much of the game they’ve ‘opened up’ to mod access)

If there is no mod support, then the game developers themselves would need to add Handy support.