What is your preferred sync Device?

For those who have multiple devices

  • Kiiroo / Launch
  • OSR2+ / SR6
  • Handy
  • Other

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everyone here seems to use some form of the device called a handy, feels like im the only person who turns the funscript into a phase modulated audio mp3 file to use with an estim device. im considering getting the handy tbh but i dont know how it works and i like to use the estim device with my phone idk if u can use the handy with your phone


Any recommendations on how to get started with estim?

erostek 232 is a solid device. ive tried the 2b was kinda a waste of money tbh, i wish i had gotten the et312 but its not being made anymore sadly. fyi i paid 200 for this thing so its gone up in price but basically this plus two loops and the special eelctrially conductive lubricant they sell and youre all set ET232 Power Unit – ECForbes LLC only other thing to mention is i use this site to turn funscripts into estim audio mp3 files. https://cfs6t08p.github.io/funstim/funstim.html sometimes you need to do double time if the beats dont match but this is usually only a problem on some cock heros or fap heros. most pmv scripts or hmv scripts are fine the settings i found to be the best are 1 second highest sample rate and frequency 545,645 but people have told me that doing more than one signal isnt needed if you to bi phase which is something i dont bother to do.

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If you have a half a brain for DIY stuff make your own: Low-cost (~$40-60) DIY Stereo E-stim for Audio Input (based on TroniC's MidiStim) - Milovana.com
Its really not hard to do, especially if you can solder or learn to solder, but there are ways of doing it without soldering. It will save you a ton of money vs buying a pre-made power unit. I can attest that the DIY version works just fine for that HFO. Just keep in mind it only sends raw analog signal. I think the 2B which one of the most popular consumer boxes out there, does some processing to the signal.

What you don’t want to skimp on is the electrodes I have always used conductive rubber tubing for the cock and ball areas, but I also just recently got a Moaner, but that’s for prostate stimulation. not everyone is into that. I started off that way, but I kept hearing stories of how good it was so eventually I got a prostate electrode, then a better one, then a better one, until finally I got the moaner, and I wish I had gotten that one first, its incredible. It is bigger than it looks however.

dont do that. the price is worth not shocking yourself to death tbh. not worth the risk. it wasnt cheap but the et232 has lasted for years. and it has replcement parts if it needed to be fixed. of course i only spent 200 for mine but i still think that price is better than killing yourself

You run virtually no risk of shocking yourself death. I have used a DIY device built properly according to this guide with nothing even coming close to approaching a harmful effect for months. One would have to purposefully try to pass current through your heart to create a situation where this DIY box could do anything to it, even then I doubt that it could kill you. It can only output a maximum of 12v 2A, and that is only if the resistors somehow get bypassed. The most likely malfunction with this device is that the wires get crossed before it gets to you, and that can cause a short, which will damage the device, but the circuit is getting completed before the current reaches your body E.G. it has no effect on your body.

Most electrocution deaths occur at or above 110v, 200 mA (.2A). Thinking that this box can kill you is frankly an ignorant take by someone who does not understand how electricity works. The battery that powers the ET232 is a 9V and the AC adapter it comes with is comparable to the DIY box. I keep talking about the AC adapter/power supply, because that is what dictates that maximum possible output of the device. You can only get as much as it outputs, for the ET232 that is 15v 1A, for the DIY box its 12v 2A. a 9v battery outputs 9v at 500 mA (.5A) All very similar, and none would be lethal. But these are all max possible outputs, there shouldn’t be a situation where this happens in either device.

I guess if you boil it down, the difference is that with a pre-made box you are putting your faith in a manufacturer that it has been assembled correctly, which in fairness is a safe bet, whereas with a DIY box you are putting faith in yourself that you assembled it correctly. If you have no faith you can do it correctly, don’t do it.

In terms of the experience itself, the ET232 is mono only, which may be fine to start off with, but almost everything you’ll find in terms of content is made for a tri-phase setup, or a stereo setup. My impression of the ET232 is that is basically combines a stereo signal into a mono one. So it seems like you’ll be losing nuances of the file. Mono files never did it for me, but I’m just one guy. It seems like a hell of a lot of money to spend on something that is basically mono only. The ET312 would for sure be the best option, these things are like the Cadillac of estim from what i have heard, but as souleater said they basically don’t exist anymore. I’d honesty love to get one to compare if nothing else, even though my DIY box works great.

taking a step back, it might actually be best to start off with a TENS 7000 unit. These are devices meant to stimulate muscles like a massage, they are very simple and only output a few patterns, and they usually come with everything you need including basic electrode pads, and you can get it off amazon. It is what I started off with just to see if it could be pleasurable for me. I found that it could be, but it was not enough to actually achieve the HFO.

While typing this I was also reminded of this resource that is specifically made for curious people: Learning Zone - Google Drive

That is probably more useful than anything else I have said.

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i have an estim, but never got it to be stimulating enough? not sure if i was doing it wrong, but didn’t seem like i could orgasm from it

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I did e-stim for a while several years back. Building your own unit from a tried and tested set of plans is just as safe as using a commercial unit. I think I built mine from a set from Stereo-Stim. As for the 312 I remember seeing a couple different sets of building instructions/parts lists that exactly mimic the 312 for a fraction of the cost (even more valuable now that it has been discontinued).

that is very interesting. do you recall where to find these sets and lists?

What was your setup like? What files did you try? All I can share is things that work for me. Ultimately Estim is very much a mental activity. If you are convinced you wont reach orgasm you probably won’t. When I tried for the first few times I was also afraid to turn things up higher, but as a session goes on you kind of have to turn it up higher as you go. A lot of great estim experiences handle this aspect for you, however. And for me there is a point where If I stim for too long it wont be happening because things just get too desensitized. I will say that once I introduced prostate stimulation to my setup things are way more consistent, as long I don’t reach that point of de-sensitivity.

Looks like there were admin issues and SmartStim no longer exists. I see a few SocialStim.com comments as alternatives but I don’t know if that is the new “go-to” site. Basically, the plans call for an AC-powered PC speaker, 2 audio transformers and some misc other bits (can’t remember right now). SmartStim had their own stim file player which could also generate signals. Connect stim unit to PC, run program and load up a file or generate your own signals. There were many schematics available. Pick one that has already been confirmed as good and safe but other members and you will be fine. I found my old files including some plans but I don’t remember if my build came from one of those. There are also several old stim files there. Someone who is currently using e-stim can probably provide more up to date sources but the stim files should still be good and maybe some of the ones I have are difficult to find since the files are probably 10-15 years old.

Files will be up for 30 days, please import first.

actually I wanted the sources for the et312 clone


Schematics are here: GitHub - openfuck/buttshock-et312-schematics: Schematics for the Erostek ET-312 Estim Box

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i just have a cheap beginner estim device from amazon. has 7 preset mode patterns with adjustable intensity. came with black rubberish tube straps and regular straps. tried with lube and without, but it basically either felt semi-tingly or painful zapping if i went above the first or second intensity. i haven’t tried it with prostate stimulation yet, so i’ll give it a go sometime

You aren’t doing anything wrong. Estimming takes a lot of experimenting and trail and error to figure out what works for you, and its sometimes a moving target as well. These boxes are garbage, like you said already its either too little or too much signal. I’m betting the signal just goes on and off with no ramping as well, which is literally how most pain signals are generated. I doubt adding in the prostate will make things any better. Those anal plugs it comes with are single pole, so it wont do anything by itself, you can complete the circuit with something on your cock, but in my experience that never did much for me. A better option would be the plug and a pad on the perineum. The rubber rings are basically the same thing I have so at least you have that.

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I don’t have experience with a quality commercial unit but I have build my own and tried several of the cheapie units from Amazon. The cheapie units don’t even compare with the home built one, they are vastly underpowered in comparison. Also, you’re only going to have the few repeating patterns that are pre-programmed in or the patterns you set up but the patterns don’t change during playback, they just keep repeating. With many commercial units and home-built ones you can play stim files that were made to feel pleasurable by people who know what they are doing…and those who don’t lol.

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thats good to know. I’ll try it some more to see if anything changes. when it works, are orgasms stronger than normal?

Yes. Its a completely different feeling from anything else I’ve experienced. Especially when the prostate is involved. There are a multitude of different files that provide a multitude of different sensations, and then those sensations can change based on your electrode setup. That being said there are drawbacks, as I mentioned before you get desensitized after a while, and its something you cant do all the time. I don’t think doing it everyday is really a good idea. The longer the space between sessions generally the more intense it feels. That works within the audio files as well. A lot of very good files leave space with no signal, which allows you to regain some sensitivity. Of course this is only one man’s opinion.