Will scripts/machines eventually make real sex boring?

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I think it really depends what you expect from real sex. If it’s only for your pleasure, then sure, the machines will eventually replace it. However, if you expect something more involved like emotions or being close to the person you spend most of your time with, then I don’t think it’s something you can replace.


Yeah it might eclipse recreational sex but there are different levels of sex really aren’t there? I guess it could increase the problem of porn addiction as it’s just a really great way to enjoy porn.


Real sex probably isn’t an option for us if we are currently fucking a machine. :joy:


Im not so sure about that, because most of the time such features are still relatively expensive. That its possible doesnt mean it remains affordable. One of the bigger features you often want is suction. And this generaly already costs more than the handy itself. And thats on devices that arent interactive yet. So while some features can be added, to realy get the full package is probably going to take quite a long time.

With it, it still wont make real sex boring. It instead becomes part of it. Once these devices become a lot more common, women will essentialy not be able to get around it anymore. And the thing is, these toys are often also ideal for women, since their period might be disruptive for sex (for some women sex will hurt during their period). Toys are a good way to get around those issues as for the women you can adjust toy size and intensity to avoid her having pain, and for you it means she can still please you. And when they do so, it becomes even more extreme because both a machine and emotion will be combined.

Scripts are often static and you often still get control (you can adjust things, or even pause the video), when a women is in control, they can push you further than what you normaly can do.

And yes, with a women its harder to get a more intense experience as they dont feel what you feel, they only see your response and react to that. Causing a too fast orgasm a bit more often. But when they do manage to properly react. No static script will be able to compete.

The only moment where this will change is when Robots and AI becomes very convincing (and i suspect thats at least 100y away).

Robots are hard to make when they need the following properties:

  • look realistic (sex dolls might look good, but its still clearly a doll)
  • feel realistic (silicone might have similar feature of touch, but skin texture and heat are very important)
  • fluid movement (stiff movement might be good for some faster or harder action, but its not realistic. very smooth movement is also important as light touches can do quite a lot)
  • can perform maintenance themselve (most toy materials degrade over time, and cleaning toys is also extra work)
  • need to have an actual personality (sure, some things in the personality can be made static by AI - as for example the risk for breaking up can be removed), before they are even remotely capable of trying to compete with a women.

And i very likely even missed some of these

But by the time this finaly happens, the world is probably already destroyed by angry women because they no longer can get a man, as they finaly have an easier and more effective solution :stuck_out_tongue: (and therefor barely any kids get born)

I will say one thing I’ve noticed with real sex it is a lot more difficult to cum with vaginal almost impossible without me literally pounding their brains out. They Almost always have to help me finish with their hands and or mouth.

…lol no, because real sex will never be boring!

And the machines will become complimentary, not competitive, a supplement, not a replacement, think of the ubiquitousness of vibrators in the bedroom in heterosexual relationships, once upon a time they were ‘gonna replace the men’ (cue panic / celebration), now they’re fun toys for everyone to play with…

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Lol no chance, it’s gonna be another 1000 years minimum before sex toys can compete with real sex. Alive > interactive.
I do agree from purely from a penetration standpoint imo it’s definitely got the real thing beat. I think I’ve built porn star level of stamina. Sometimes its great and other times really frustrating when you just wanna finish.

As good as the handy is, it is limited to touching only about 9" ( :laughing:) of your body. When the video shows her on your balls or nipples (or using a whip for those so inclined) you are quickly reminded of those limitations. It follows the video and does not react to how you are doing. It is nowhere close to real sex. It’s great for a good orgasm on demand at any time.

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Couldn’t agree more with this.

I would like to add:

Make sure we are staying on topic please

It is great for a awesome orgasm too.

I have sold to many people with partners same sex or not. I am married. Lots of women use sex machines too. Using a sex machine/robot doesn’t make you a non option for being in a relationship, trust me.


I think this boils down to personal preference. But I understand where @tradethevolman is coming from.
My personal experience. When I’m in the mood for a slow wet blowjob, the Handy comes in great. As far as what I want and how I want it, the Handy does a great job. When I feel like grabbing tits and pounding sloppy wet pussy, my wife completely fills that need. And yes, my wife knows about my Handy. She cares about it as much as I care about her vibrator, which is not at all.
Ahhh it’s a great time to be alive fellas, endless amounts of immersive high def porn. Interactive sex toy devices. Gone are those days of whacking it to huge bush and porn mags in the garage.

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Great thoughtful responses. Thanks!

Interesting topic. I’m pretty new to this and am actually finding that it’s increasing my interest in regular sex. But I’m a fapaholic into mostly hard fetishistic porn that leaps around from video to video quickly, so I think it’s resetting my brain into just enjoying a straight 30 or 40 minute interaction with the same individual with more realistic sensations than edging myself every two minutes. Agree with the poster above it might depend person to person.

I don’t have any problems with women, but the older one gets, the less demographically appropriate women seem interested whilst the male libido continues unabated. And rather than be frustrated by the ravages of aging, I welcome our new sexy robot overlords. I wonder how far we are from a fully articulated scripted realdoll level (but likely very high maintenance) sexbot? 10 years? I’ll still be here.

Dan Savage once wrote a great column about how no one should have to have sex, but also no one has the right to tell someone else they can’t. So lead, follow, or get out of the way IMO. Guess I was born a decade or two early.


IMO if you’re a functional adult, paying the bills on time, and taking care of business so to speak, what you do with your free time is your beeswax and no one else’s. It’s a shame we have so many busybodies trying to tone police us all.

This reminds me of one movie I saw a long time ago, where a guy goes to the future and he wants to have sex with a girl he likes. She offers that they both use some sort of VR headsets for that. And physical touch and real sex sounded gross and outdated to her.
Maybe we are moving in that direction :smile:

Demolition Man with S. Stallone :+1:


depends on the girl, my last gf was way less attractive and enjoyable than porn n script, so i ended it


Will machines make sex boring? Two answers.

  1. I hope so! Because how good would those machines have to be?

  2. Not until you can eat their pussies.