11 Lua Scripts for OpenFunscripter

a lua script to alternate between the last two action values

Just a heads-up, I want to remove this “Special functions” API as it has been trumped by the “Extension” API long ago.
The next version of OFS won’t have this anymore.

I’m willing to port these scripts to the “Extension” API so that the functionality isn’t lost.
@Lucifie @Husky @Limitlessman @haens_daempf Let me know if you want this and I would try to merge these scripts all into one extension.
Hopefully that’s good compromise.

Would be cool to have it build into one extension. I also did these 2 lua scripts some time ago, because someone here asked for it. You might want to add them too if others agree.

Both scripts can increase/decrease top or bottom points in the selection by a percentage amount. You can use positive and negative values to achieve what you want.

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Sure, feel free to add the script to the Extension. I´ll look into the Extension API for writing future scripting helpers :wink:

I played around with the Extension API and created an extension which combines the moving of an action and seeking. This helps with more precise placements.

Hi, will there be an update for OFS 2.0? Add points and select points to skip are very helpful… Thank you!!

Please update these scripts to OpenFunscripter 2.0, these are a lifesaver :slight_smile:

Would be much appreciated!

@Cimmy3111 @Kinks
I kinda said I would do it.
So please don’t peer pressure anyone :sweat_smile:

I had this crazy idea that the new extension API would be powerful enough run the old Lua scripts inside of an extension.
And I’ve put together this proof of concept. Extras Extension 1.0 (only works in OFS 2.0+)

It only includes the AddPoints, MoveProportionatelyBottom/Top & Select-PointsToSkip.
The extension is able to just run all the scripts except for “AddPoints” without modifications.
“AddPoints” required a little edit to get to work.
I haven’t tested the rest.

The extension creates multiple bindings you need to set a key in order to use them.

Let me know which other scripts you need.

I tried this, and couldn’t get the extensions to work.

Is there a particular way to install these?

Yes. What have you tried?
You’re supossed drop the “Extras” directory into the %appdata%/OFS/OFS2_data/extensions directory.

Yep, that’s what I did. And then when I open OFS and enable “Extras,” then “Show window,” it gives me a window named “Extras” with no scripts in it.

(Edit: the Extension Log Output shows the Extras as “register binding,” so OFS sure seems to be seeing them.)

That is all it’s doing.
Like I said you have to bind the scripts in Keys->Dynamic to use them.


I completely missed that part.


Not sure if a vibration script already exists, but here is a rudimentary one I’ve made:

With regards to the AddPoints you’ve included, I can’t seem to get it to work after binding a key to it? It runs but does nothing.

I don’t really understand how it could be working, since it still has references to FunscriptOld:new() which probably don’t work?

hey! another use for my lua other that reprogramming fivem and redm…

You can do that with my extension My Tool.
One of this tool is ADD ACTIONS :wink:

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I just tried and it only works some times.
The Extras extension is just trying to run these old scripts inside of an extension. FunscriptOld is something I’ve defined in the support.lua.
Needs some debugging :confused:

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All good, I think @Limitlessman 's extension fulfils the same requirements generally.
Thanks both for your hard work!

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