2023 PC specs - Oculus Link

I currently have a laptop with integrated intel graphics. No desktop. Lookoing to build a cheap VR desktop. What GPU can I get away with as a minimum viable build for VR video viewing only? I don’t play VR games. Just videos. Would a 1060 still do the trick, or should I spend a little more for something like a 3060 ti?

I use a geforce rtx 2070 and I even can do Virt A Mate VR and a few other lower end graphics VR games through oculus air link. My limiter is mostly the fact I use the air link. If you are just wanting videos I can vouch for the 2070 being sufficient, but haven’t tried a weaker card.

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i have a 980m and manage to run koikatsu party semi-ok and any VR video fine. so i’d say any of the 1000 series would work. i’d go for the 1080 or 1660 if it’s within your budget though

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I ended up going for the 3060ti. Working great!

For minimum - gtx 970 4 gb will do. If good optimization you can play without staggering.

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I was able to reliably stream VR to Pigasus and use funscripts/handy with a $150 mini-PC off Amazon…Like a Celeron and 16gb of RAM. Making funscripts and playing the video files (sometimes 8K) on the actual PC was/ is a different story.

In this setup the PC is just providing the files via sharing and the Quest2 is doing the “work.”

This would work for your laptop.

I had excellent success with a 1080ti so got off EBay for really cheap which allowed me to play the files natively (via Quest Desktop).

If you are looking at Virtamate or something, you’ll need to spend upwards of $500 on a graphics card. A 3060 won’t do it.