A nut button extension in ofs would be really nice

Hi I’m Chaleone and I’ve been scripting for almost a month now, I’ve gotten much better and grown as a scripter mostly analyzing the patterns from others and using the MTFG as a loose guide while scripting out my favorite videos from my collection.

Getting to my point. Finale’s can be a bit cumbersome to make… I’ve been doing what I believe are called vibrations. the sharp incline 3 to 5-frame parabolas repeating for climaxes and simulated deepthroats. sometimes this means making about five of these, copying and pasting until the climax is done.

But I’ve run into a bump, I want to do it for an animated video, specifically GuiltyK’s Bonding ritual. a cum inflation heavy video where almost half of the video IS JUST NUTTIN.

For things like this, I just wish I could copy the selection and hit a nut button where it creates a vibration up and down the current parabolas or does a 0 to 3/5 incline repeating pattern.

It’s a niche problem I know but I wonder if anyone else would find it useful.

This extension might help you

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Thank you! this is exactly what I was looking for!

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