A talk about VR cams

Hey, so it’s been a while since I was last online here and since I got a few notifications about my “VR in 2024~” post I thought it might be good time to talk about VR cams.

A few of the websites I use have VR cams that I never really bothered to try out, because I never really thought that it could be too interesting or too good in quality in comparison to the high quality full length VR videos I have access to.

But a few months ago, I just had a little bit of time and decided to try out SLRs VR cams, after all just joining the stream is free. So I open one of the streams that get recommended to me and the quality wasn’t as bad as I expected, but I noticed a weird trend, that seems to be present in nearly every stream.

I waited for around 10 minutes and nothing happened.

Communicating in chat was also really not that engaging, with only the first few messages being replied/answered to and then back to nothing.

The 2D cam shows I remember from many years ago, were most of the time like a normal porn video just live and more interactive, with the optional part to pay for extras. Not that I ever spent any money, but there would have been a reason to spent money, because you actually had something to get you interested.

So it was a little bit weird, but for some reason the new trend seems to be that in VR cams, a lot of the streamers are just sitting there and waiting to be paid to do something. Because as soon as a tip with the right amount corresponding to the value of the tip menu arrived, the streamer would start doing something and stops afterwards returning to nothing. It’s not even like they at least sit there naked, a lot of them wait until someone tips them to undress and afterwards they put their clothes back on.

For me this generally seems like something went horribly wrong with cam streams going this way of paying the streamer for every little thing. I mean, imagine watching your favorite twitch streamer and paying him to start playing a game, or to start talking.

Has the idea of entertaining people to earn their money been lost in VR cams?

I would really love to hear about your experience and maybe you are enjoying these types of streams, in this case I would love to hear how you feel about this kind of tipping system?

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I have a pet theory about it. Cammers realized a long time ago that the majority of their income comes from a very small percentage of their viewers. Also that most of the viewers won’t tip (or give very minimal tips) no matter what the cammers do. So instead of wasting energy trying to entice a bunch of small tips, they sit there until they sense someone who they think they’re going to be able to milk. They are, in essence, whale hunting.

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Yeah, I agree. I think this is especially true for cam girls who don’t plan for being in it for the long haul and so have no plans to gather loyal fans or create a community.

Many of the VR cam girls seem to be in some sort of camgirl agency apartment and so are probably in the above category. :grimacing:

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Statistically tips bring much more money than privates and it’s rather distributed function

It’s more of a cam girl personality matter. We are trying to get it cool with SLR Cams Originals