About requesting things from me

Hey guys and gals…
This has been bothering me a bit today. It seems there have been threads similar. I know I have commented on such things in my own posts…as well as others.
IF YOU WANT SOMETHING FROM ME, all I ASK is that you ask. I will GLADLY repost links to the videos that I script or any others that I might have gotten from you all. I have stated this SO MANY TIMES. And I have usually just been joking about “asking nicely.” Just PLEASE ask…and I would appreciate a thanks. I don’t think that is too much to ask for. I REALLY don’t want to come across as a dick.
I personally have been trying to be a bit more appreciative with likes and “voicing” a thanks since others have been hurt a little or a lot by it. If we don’t reciprocate, be supportive, appreciative of SO MANY OTHERS’ efforts, then we are ALL left with a situation like the retirement of General Butch, which, I know so many of you share the same feelings, IS A LOSS.
Just PLEASE ASK…Be cordial. And say thanks. I will do ANYTHING for this great community.
Welp…that is my rant for the rest of the year. :woman_shrugging:


bold words lol :eyes:

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please… PLEASE


Man, I really appreciate your output! I’m just glad you making scripts because we got similar taste. Hell I am just glad for everybody making scripts, I know it’s hard and time consuming so all scripts are much appreciated. I’ve enjoyed all of your stuff so far, Evilpapa666. Big titty lover joi voices in your head goon is my all time favorite!

I find it really hard to request or ask something from others in here, because making scripts are really hard and take a lot of time. There are several videos I’ve come across and thought “This is something for Evilpapa666 but he got a lot to do”. I’ll try ask you gently from now on :slight_smile:

I know there has been talks about the lurkers needs to contribute more. I’ll try my best to give feedback and praise to the scripts I’ve tried, and also provide links to dead MEGA links.

Evilpapa666, and all scripters in here, keep up the good work!

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Thank you so much. Again, all I am asking is that you ask. Anybody asks. If it is a request for a script, if I have time and I like it, then I will probably do it.
I don’t even care if there are lurkers or people just taking and not giving. Just be amiable and decent and ask. I don’t care if I don’t get likes or hearts or whatever. Just don’t assume we are here to fulfill your needs solely.
Well, that’s all on that subject. Hope you continue to enjoy all the great work here. :heart_eyes: