Adding a remote vibe to handy?

My main question, is this possible?

The idea is attaching a remote vibe to a Fleshlight case. The remote vibe will play a separate script. The vibe script will focus on moaning, coughing, and talking with a mouth full.

I may be wrong but I do believe there are vibes that will play a script. Or am I wrong?

Does the software exist to play two scripts at one time?

Doesn’t necessarily have to be this particular product, I picked this just to use as an example.

in my setup i used multifunplayer to play different script with one video.
it connect with intiface.

and the best is some video are already scripter for vibrator like this one for example:

How would it work though? And what other devices might be compatible? Would you just wrap the vibrating device around the handy itself?

i think @SlowScripter would stuck it between the sleve and the handy’s band.
and potentially every device compatible with intiface can be use →

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