Adult time scripts

Recently joined adult time , which has about 400 scriptsed videos, works well as a streamit site but is there a way to download the script, you can download the video but can’t find a way to save the script?
Is it possible ?

I dont think so. Atleast I havent found a way :confused:

There has to be a way
Some tech guru on here will sort it, let’s just keep bumping it

actually wanted to know if it would be possible to connect something like the OSR2+

I been wondering, how are the scripts on there? I might be interested in trying them out but can’t even see which videos they have scripts for

Didnt have a good experience with the old fleshlight launch. However, i own lovense gush and kiiro pulse interactive. Some of them are in sync. Some of the videos are blank despite having their interactive logo

If they can be run on Launch, then I’m pretty sure all you need is the FeelConnect app on android phone. There should be some sort of FeelConnect button on the site. The video should start to download and after few seconds you cancel the download (it downloads the script first). The scripts in meta format should be saved somewhere in the android folder on you phone. After all that you copy the scripts to PC and open them in Scriptplayer to save them as funscript.

It’s just an assumptions, I don’t have access to their site.

No they just seem to run through the site.
Not a feel connect setup.
I tried f12 and view source but couldn’t find anything with a “funscript” or “CSV” suffix

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